The liberal media and corporate donors have turned American politics into a ratings-grabbing horror show, and Joe Biden is the real villain. The corporate donors want to keep the neoliberal “normal” that is enriching the rich and widening the wealth gap. The Democrats are nothing more than the hirelings of imperialism. But are they truly evil? If you’re unsure about their true motives, consider the following facts.

Joe Biden has a history of promoting policies that have harmed black people, including Colombians and Africans. He was a co-author of the 1994 crime bill, which has significantly affected minority communities. Moreover, Biden has a long history of promoting policies that are inconsistent with American values. He has also donated heavily to the Democratic Party, which further cements his role as a social justice neocon.

The Democratic Party’s ideological base, American exceptionalism, is tangled up in the general crisis of legitimacy in the state. In addition, the Democratic Party lacks talent and charisma. It is a cynical and misguided strategy that only further alienates the American people. If Biden is elected president, it will be an even more tragic outcome for the people of America. But the Democrat party and Joe Biden will have to come to terms with the fact that they are as far from social democracy as the Republicans.

This nefarious strategy is reflected in the book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Joseph McCarthy. It reveals the same old strategy of pressure applied from both the top and bottom – namely, the super-rich monopolists pretend to “bow to” the socialist wishes of the underclass, rioters, and protestors. In the end, their policies are far worse. They are not the ones we want as president.

But we need to stand up for our values and make a socialist political alternative. This means not falling behind the Democrats and voting for a socialist candidate. Rather, we need to develop a militant working-class political alternative. And to do that, we need to rise up and take action against the neoliberal system. It is important to remember that the Democratic Party is obsessed with preserving the status quo, including the wars on drugs and mass incarceration.

While some people are saying that the US is a better place than Hitler, this is not the case. The US is not a good place to live and many Americans feel this way. That’s why they are organizing mass mobilizations and voicing concerns. Then, when the mainstream media announces Biden as their 46th President, it is greeted with a mix of fear and relief and reactionary hysteria.