Evil Biden

Joe Biden may have the best intentions, but he can’t save his soul. His political machine is as close to the Mafia as the Mafia is to the Clintons. From Arkansas to 2016, more than 50 people have died around the Clintons. During the Obama administration, only one dissident has been killed; anti-Iraq war U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone was killed during the campaign of 2002.

After the Atlanta shooting, Joe Biden didn’t call for a ban on handguns. Ninety-eight percent of all crimes committed with firearms in the United States involve handguns. So, why did he wait until a mass shooting with military-style semi-automatic rifles? Why didn’t he ban handguns before the shooting? Because he knew people wouldn’t have been able to defend themselves against government tyranny without them.

As a result of this misinformation and the coronavirus fear, President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to slide. In a recent poll, a Quinnipiac University poll found that only 46% of Americans approve of President Biden’s performance. Earlier in the week, a similar poll showed that the approval rating was 53%. That’s down from seven points in just one week. Biden has a low approval rating among independent voters and only a quarter of independents approve of his handling of his responsibilities.

Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan also emphasizes racial injustice. The infrastructure plan calls for the elimination of zoning and multifamily housing restrictions – moves that some people say is akin to “abolishing the suburbs.” The Daily Wire’s investigative reporter Luke Rosiak explains that this proposal has serious consequences, and should be considered a political power grab. So, should we be concerned?

The new priority criteria Biden outlined will influence his Department of Education. The proposed Civics Secures Democracy Act would appropriate $1 billion a year for six years for civic and history education. This bill already favors leftist “action civics” and prefers “underserved populations for grants. The Civics Secures Democracy Act also aims to fund Critical Race Theory in the schools. If passed, this bill would be a disaster for the nation’s educational system.

The recent investigation into the Obama administration’s handling of the Afghanistan war was a troubling development for President Obama. Biden’s aides knew the Taliban had overtaken the Afghan government but asked Ghani to make up the story to “promote a different image.” However, Ghani refused to lie to the media about the overtake. Moreover, the government-supported Taliban reportedly has between ten and fifteen thousand international terrorists.