Evil Biden

The Electoral Process, which ruled out Trump and Clinton, is now governed by the same corporate forces that suffocated the left wing in both parties. The result is a dead end graveyard for progressive social movements. The evil Biden Administration will expand this graveyard and proclaim a “moderate” revolution of the ruling class. It will further advance the consciousness that the Democratic Party is just as opposed to social democracy as the Republicans. This is a political opportunity to challenge the intransigent Democrats. The opposition to Trump, however, will be the real obstacle to progressive political movements.

As Vice President, Joe Biden has supported the Reagan-era “tough on crime” mentality. This mentality has resulted in him praising the “war on drugs,” and using the term “predator” to demonize the black community. “Predator” is a dehumanizing term that is racist dog whistle. As a matter of fact, Biden once said that he did not want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle”. He also praised racist Senator Strom Thurmond and eulogized racist Strom Thurmond.

In contrast to these two presidential candidates, Joe Biden has shown no sign of understanding the issues that underlie systemic racism. While it is true that many Americans believe in the United States and want to save it, Biden does not have the knowledge necessary to challenge this reality head on. In fact, Biden’s approach to racism has been characterized as “non-disruptive.”

The odious little man is a symbol of the illegitimate nature of the United States. He has repeatedly denied the claims of voter fraud, including those of Larry Elder and Dennis Prager. The two radio hosts have proof of this voter fraud, which is not just an alleged case, but a widespread occurrence. In addition, large counties in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona were targeted for voter fraud.

Although Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, who were socialists and ran as moderate social democratic candidates against Trump, had a chance to win the presidency, Sanders supporters chose Biden in the election to stop his racist agenda. While workers backed Biden against Trump, socialists and workers should not give up and abandon the struggle. If you do, we can build a militant, working-class political alternative. Let’s make our movement a viable one.

In the US, we are living in an era of fear and paranoia. If Americans do not stand for this, their politicians are unlikely to win. Our political system is being controlled by fear, and this has led to the Republican refusal to seat a democratic senator in Pennsylvania. So, how can we expect the election results to be different? There is a lot to be concerned about. Let’s look at some facts to help us understand the illegitimacy of our government. The US government is facing a crisis of legitimacy. Twenty to 25 percent of Americans consider their government as illegitimate.