The liberal media has made American politics into a horror show. While the media is out to make us feel bad, the real villain is Joe Biden, whose campaign is funded by the super-rich, who want a neoliberal “normal” in which the rich earn more while the poor and middle class struggle. The Democrats, on the other hand, are hired hirelings of imperialism. And they are not a good choice for the Democratic Party.

The US government is suffering a credibility crisis, with 20 to 25 percent of voters feeling that the government is illegitimate. Even Democrats feel the same way. And they’re all scared of a woman with an agenda. But that doesn’t mean Biden is an evil person. His actions are not the actions of a brave or tough man. His actions are based on fear. The GOP is threatening to deny the legitimacy of Biden’s presidential campaign.

Progressive Democrats, in the name of “equality,” helped Joe Biden win the election. And they’re doing so by reinforcing the wrong definition of evil in America. Biden is a walking contradiction in terms of his qualifications for the presidency. If he had been capable of shaking Congress and delivering something of substance to the American people, he’d have won the election with little trouble. But the Obama-Biden recovery left millions of Americans unemployed and depressed.

The Black community has been mobilizing to vote for a Democratic candidate in unprecedented numbers. In November, racial violence, the COVID pandemic, and the nationwide call for racial justice energized Black voters to cast their votes for a Democratic candidate. And the recent events in Virginia and Georgia are just one more reason to engage in the political process. If you’re a young Black voter, these events will inspire you to vote.