Evil Biden

As Vice President, Joe Biden has a high profile and has received a lot of money from Wall Street and big business. While Wall Street has given big money to the Democrats and backed Bernie Sanders, they are also aware that Joe Biden supports corporate rights. Boeing’s CEO stated that regardless of the election results, their business prospects would be better served under his administration. Prison stocks have been rising since Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. Reuters has reported on this.

The Democratic Party’s ideological base is “American exceptionalism” and is entangled in a broader crisis of legitimacy in the U.S. state. In addition to lacking talent and charisma, Joe Biden’s record is devoid of any charisma. In short, Biden is no Barack Obama. But, he can help the party advance the consciousness that the Democratic Party has been equally anti-social democracy as the Republicans.

As far as the role of religion in US politics goes, he is no better than the president. His comments are hardly representative of what he truly believes. While Biden’s remarks about the role of religion in society are commendable, the Democratic Party is not so sure about them. In their recent speech, Joe Biden discussed the connection between peaceful protests and violent acts. Biden’s words hardly shed any light on the ongoing struggle against white supremacy in the US, but they are certainly not a reflection of who he is.

It should not surprise us that many Americans still think that the US is worth saving. Even the Republicans in Pennsylvania have refused to seat a Democratic Senator. They reacted with hysteria and relief when the news broke that Biden had been chosen to be the 46th president. But in reality, it is the US government’s legitimacy that is being threatened. In addition to that, there is a massive legitimacy crisis in the US. The US government is perceived as illegitimate by as many as 20 to 25 percent of voters, and this is true whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.

While many Americans are skeptical of Obama’s support for social policies, it is worth noting that Biden’s racial rhetoric has been a persistent topic of debate in American politics for years. Biden is no exception. In fact, he has been the leading architect of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which resulted in mass incarceration. Despite this, many minority groups have been hurt disproportionately by this savior’s policies.

The recent election results are a testament to the power of young Black voters. Young Black women voted strongly for Joe Biden and were just slightly less supportive of Democratic candidate Ralph Northam. In addition, Democratic Georgia Senators Jon Osoff and Ralphael Warnock were boosted by the young Black voter agency. Recent events should further empower young Black voters to fight against injustice and fight for social justice. You can’t afford not to vote for the best candidate in America.