It is time to end the deception surrounding the Globalist Takeover. The rhetoric surrounding this topic is becoming increasingly paranoid. Various people are being singled out as masterminds, and the term “Coronavirus” is being used as a pretext. This is a dangerous move because it is undermining internationalism everywhere. But how do we stop the globalists from taking control? Ultimately, only the World Government can stop this takeover.

Planet Lock Down exposes the plans of the globalists. This film exposes the true agenda of the globalists, whose goal is to control every aspect of human life and turn the world into a technocratic global slave society where the rich and powerful are the only ones with power. This is a dangerous and impending event that requires us to take action now. We must fight back! Globalists have stolen the Cold War and are taking over the world!

While the Globalists are attempting to destabilize the US government, European governments are planning mass protests, and Neo-Fascist Democrat AGs are beginning their “religious inquisition” against climate change deniers. Despite these ominous signs, Trump’s state-by-state route to the nomination remains hopeful. However, the anti-Trump narrative has been disseminated by George Soros, the billionaire financier of the Globalist elite.

Donald Trump’s use of the term “globalist” has been causing alarm among some extremist groups. The word “globalist” can mean both benign and sinister, or a dog whistle for conspiracy theorists. While “globalization” is a more neutral term, “globalist” conjures images of an evil cabal. However, there are other implications surrounding Trump’s use of the term.

The Obama Regime spent taxpayer funds on a transvestite center in Texas. It also refers to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as voices of George Soros and the EU shadow power. What are the implications of these actions? The world is undergoing a globalist takeover. If the globalists continue to push through their agenda, we are facing world war III. There is a need for all Americans to stand up for what is right and resist the globalist agenda.

The American Anti-Establishment Movement rages against the emergence of the globalist takeover, threatening the shadow government. The NWO globalists are plotting the Cloward-Piven collapse. George Soros plans to unleash the largest civil disobedience riots in US history. Meanwhile, Mexico is mobilizing its citizens to vote in the US presidential election. In the wake of this, the GOP establishment slammed Mitt Romney for his progressive flip-flops. The globalist takeover may be a historical harbinger.