The Globalist Takeover is an attempt by the international elite to change the American system in ways that are more in line with their own goals. While this would greatly compromise American exceptionalism and national autonomy, it also sets a dangerous precedent for other nations. Nonetheless, there are important issues to consider. Below we will examine the two primary issues surrounding the Globalist Takeover:

Climate change is already wreaking havoc on our planet. The Prairie Fires alone destroyed the equivalent of three Rhode Islands. Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. In October, Hurricane Michael roared across Florida, the Carolinas, and Virginia, killing at least 45 people and causing $30 billion worth of damage. And in November, wildfires destroyed much of California. If the globalists have their way, the United States will soon become a pariah.

The term “globalist” has many meanings, some of which are neutral and some that are sinister. The term has become a rallying cry for the right wing and has become synonymous with globalization. Liberal organizations have been critiquing globalization for decades, but the term has only recently become a rallying cry for conspiracy theorists. The anti-globalist movement is gaining power and increasing its influence.

The Globalist Takeover aims to send America on a global quest to solve problems far from home. The new global laws, such as those requiring the use of “green” technology, will put Americans and other countries at risk. The globalist takeover plan also includes the creation of a New Green Deal and the eradication of individual nations. While these ideas may sound like a good idea, they aren’t. But they do provide an excellent framework for U.S. foreign policy.

As for the globalist conspiracy, it is important to remember that the vast majority of Americans reject it. The anti-Christ would be the head of the United Nations, thereby making America less safe. In this regard, likeminded experts could expand on this and other issues affecting U.S. security policy. They should take a hard look at these issues. They can begin by examining the implications of globalism for American security.

The Great Reset conspiracy has gained momentum with the spread of COVID-19. This “Great Reset” conspiracy says that COVID-19 will be used to destroy American sovereignty and prosperity. Despite this vagueness, this conspiracy has grown into a much more pernicious strain. The mainstream figures behind the Great Reset are not hiding their intention to take control of the world. The World Economic Forum is a major platform for this, and the underlying ideology of the organization is not hard to discern.