Globalist Takeover

The Globalist Takeover is an attack on America that seeks to conform the American system to international norms. It compromises American exceptionalism and national autonomy. It also sets a dangerous precedent that other nations may follow. Still, it is worth considering some of the issues surrounding this attack. The following are some key concerns to consider. We need to protect our sovereignty and national identity. However, the Globalist Takeover is a two-pronged attack, not one.

The term “anti-globalism” has several meanings and a huge audience. It is becoming a rallying cry for right-wing groups and has come to symbolize globalization. Liberal organizations have been critical of globalization for decades, but the anti-global agenda is gaining power. As the world economy continues to weaken and the globalist agenda gains power, we are seeing the results of their influence. Clearly, the globalist takeover is taking place in America.

The globalist takeover includes the eradication of individual countries and the introduction of new laws around the world. Bill Gates has tremendous influence over global health, technology, and food policy. His “build back better” plan includes green regulations to help rebuild the world after the COVID disaster. However, it is not only the global policies that are in danger of collapse. Individual nations will be irrelevant. The United States will no longer be the world superpower and will be replaced by a small group of nations.