Globalist Takeover

The “real” globalist is not the U.N. or environmentalists. It is the Globalists, as we’ve been told for decades, who control the price and supply of energy. They have representatives in the Oval Office, too. The true globalists control energy production and prices and have poisoned the planet. One of the consequences of the Globalist Takeover is climate change, a looming crisis predicted ten weeks before it struck.

The Globalists’ two-pronged assault on America is a frightening prospect. The goal is to bend our system to international standards, thereby undermining American exceptionalism and national autonomy. The policy sets a dangerous precedent that other nations will follow. Despite this, however, it is important to consider its effects. Here are some key issues:

Bill Gates’ “Build Back Better” plan is an example of the new green regulations Gates and other globalists are pushing for. Gates has enormous influence over global food, health, and technology policies. His “green” regulations are part of the “post-COVID” recovery plan. Gates’ “build back better” plan calls for new global laws that are harmful to individual nations and the planet. The United States is no longer a world superpower, and a small group of nations will dominate the world.