The Globalist Takeover has many components. One is the globalist agenda, while the other is the neo-liberal agenda that is pushing for world government. The World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security both host pandemic simulation events. The participants of these events often warn of the COVID-19 virus, which is not as dangerous as some fear mongers claim it to be. But the coronavirus is unraveling internationalism everywhere, and the coronavirus is the catalyst.

Globalist Takeover

In fact, the globalists are trying to overthrow our government by overthrowing our democratic system. In addition, the American military has organized to put down the illegitimate governments. Russia and France are working hand in hand to remove the illegitimate regimes in their path. Although there has not been an invasion of the Ukraine by these militaries, the time is running out before winter sets in.

The globalist takeover started in the 1960s, fueled by anti-Semitic ideas and anti-American sentiment. After the fall of communism, the ‘new world order’ speech by George H.W. Bush stoked fears of government overreach and the loss of liberty. Gun rights were also deemed an issue, and conspiracy theorists replaced Russia as our enemy. It’s been said that globalists use the same misdirection technique as magicians – by replacing Russia as the enemy and filling the vacuum with the evil global cabal.

With the globalists’ influence over food and health policy, the United States is on the verge of collapse. Gates is aiming to make America energy dominant. He is also closely linked to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The globalists are a pervasive force in the White House, Washington, and the Trump administration. If this continues, the globalists will be able to overthrow our nation in the process.

The Oath Keepers are urging citizens to vote for Donald Trump as president. The ‘pi’ cycle is a recurring pattern of economic growth, and the current political climate is no exception. Both Trump and Gavin Newsom were elected on the premise of globalism, and he is committed to implementing it through his policies. The ‘pi’ cycle predicts the future of the world, and it’s not an accident.

Some people believe that Soros’ funding of antifa and other right-wing organizations is a globalist takeover. The president-elect also has many other enemies. There is no reason to think that the globalists are behind this. There is no way he can control the world. But he could be a puppet for a foreign power. He has a history of supporting anti-Semitic and other right-wing movements.

There are many other signs of a Globalist takeover. First, the President’s nominees are promoting anti-globalist agendas. The President-elect has been endorsed by the Breitbart News president-elect. In addition, the president-elect’s nominees, such as Alex Jones, are part of the globalist conspiracy theory. Secondly, there are no credible leaders to be trusted. Those who work for the world’s elite are corrupt.