Globalist Takeover

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

We’ve all heard the conspiracy theories about the Globalist Takeover, but what is the truth? It’s not as frightening as you might think. It’s all too real, and you should pay attention. But what if we weren’t told? Would we even notice? We’ll all be left wondering, “What’s happening to our country?” Fortunately, there are a few things we can do about it.

The First: We need to stop the globalists from taking over our country. It’s already starting to happen. The New World Order is tyrannizing America. And a president like Donald Trump is encouraging them. The only way to combat this looming threat is to work together. That’s how we’ll defeat the powerful elites and the malign global force that’s been trying to take over the world.

The Globalist Takeover has been on the minds of people for decades. It dates back to the isolationist criticism of FDR and the fear of the United Nations in the post-World War II era. While the anti-globalist sentiments flourished during the Cold War, they never made it mainstream. However, after the Cold-War, the anti-globalist virus spread rapidly and now is a pandemic.

The next step is to make sure that the Globalists are not really globalists. If they do, then the world will be a much better place. We can do that by making sure that they don’t get our votes. But this may not be possible. The U.N. is the real globalist. The W.H.O. and the E.U. have their eyes on us and want to control our energy supply.

We should be aware that the term “globalist” has many different meanings. So we shouldn’t be surprised that Trump has repeatedly referenced it in his speeches. The term has become an important defining term for the political right. While many of us have opposed the New World Order, the anti-globalist movement is increasingly becoming more mainstream and united. The Trump campaign spokesperson didn’t respond to an email seeking comment, but Jones claims Trump personally called him.

As of January, the World Economic Forum has adopted a new version of the Constitution. Apparently, this is the real “globalist model.” The “globalists” are responsible for the current economic crisis, and the globalists are responsible for the collapse of the world. The execs are the globalists. They are the ones who have manipulated the US. The Trump administration is not an exception.

It’s hard to imagine the future without it. We live in a world where people don’t own anything, they rent it, and the government is controlling their lives. We have the technology to produce everything we need to survive. The newest technological developments will change everything. We’ll have no more need for human life, which is the only reason the United States is in trouble. Moreover, the Globalists will control the global economy.