Globalist Takeover

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

The “Coronavirus” is being held up as a pretext for a globalist takeover, with billionaire George Soros allegedly the mastermind. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the NSA are being singled out as potential masterminds. The “test and trace” system of permanent surveillance is also being put forth as a means of controlling the population. The New World Order’s paranoia and heightened security measures have overstated real developments of the past decade. Now, this coronavirus is unraveling internationalism everywhere.

The new world order is already trying to take over the United States. They are influencing public opinion and claiming to be the perpetrators. While some people may consider the claims of the globalists to be ridiculous, the reality is much more sinister. The New World Order is actively working to take over the USA. And, as the current president of the United States, I don’t blame them for trying to influence public opinion.

The New World Order is the neo-Malthusian theory that aims to control human population growth. The goal is to control human movement and the size of human civilizations. Using biosensors and medical tyranny, globalists hope to conquer the world. It will not be easy. The only way to fight this is to oppose it! The only way to stop this plan is to resist it.

A leader of this “new world order” is George Soros. As an investor in hedge funds during the currency crisis in the early 1990’s, Soros has made millions. However, some anti-Semites claim that he is a collaborator of the Nazis and a Holocaust survivor. Despite his anti-Semitic beliefs, it seems he is a true globalist. But the question is, who is behind the new world order? The answer is the U.N., the environmentalists, and the oil companies.

The neo-liberal order has been under attack for decades. In the late 1950s, it was a common idea to be patriotic. The New World Order was founded in the 1930s by a petro-autocrat. The United Nations’ goals were to create a unified, centralized world. Today, the world is a globalist superstate. The US, Britain, France, and the European Union are the only members of the UN.

Among these is the ad campaigning under Trump that appeals to two strains of right-wing extremism. The ad appeals to white nationalist militia groups, and the Three Percenters are no doubt a part of this. The ad is a fake. The neo-Nazi movement is preparing to take over the U.S. and put it in the global prison.

This is a conspiracy theory that is gaining ground in the US. The idea is that these conspiracy theories are being spread by elites to enslave people. It is a false conspiracy that has become a political weapon and is backed by fake news. Moreover, it is the most effective way to prevent the globalists from taking over the world. It’s a plot designed to subjugate the world’s populace and prevent the American people from having their freedoms.