Globalist Takeover

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

The globalist takeover is being led by George Soros, a man who made his fortune in the early 90s by investing in hedge funds. This mercenary has been labeled by some anti-Semites as a collaborator of the Nazis. Yet, despite his past history, there is no evidence that Soros is leading this takeover. But one thing is certain – he is in charge of the globalist agenda.

The “Coronavirus” is being held up as the pretext for the globalist takeover. The NSA, Gates, and other globalist figures are being singled out as potential masterminds, and a permanent surveillance system is being put forward as a way to control the population. But while these rumors are unsubstantiated, the real developments of the last decade suggest that the New World Order has reached the apex. In fact, the rise of the Globalists is only beginning to reveal the reality of the globalists.

The U.N. and environmentalists are false globalists; the real globalists are George Soros and the New World Order group. These nefarious globalists are already in control of the energy supply, the price of food and fuel, and the president himself. And the globalists are poisoning our planet with their noxious agenda. The use of fossil fuels was a choice of the world’s elites, and they knew the consequences of this choice.

The globalist takeover is already underway. The people who control the New World Order are already manipulating public opinion, and their attempts to influence our government’s decisions will be futile. While the current president of the United States may be dismissive, the fact remains that they are actively working to overthrow our nation and create a new globalist order. They have a plan that will destroy our democracy and make it a globalist aristocracy.

The U.N., and the New World Order are real globalists, but they are not George Soros, Hillary Clinton or the environment. The real globalists control energy pricing and supply, and they have a representative in the White House. Those who control the energy supply are the real ones. They poison our planet. For example, the current Obama administration is the biggest supporter of the globalists in history.

The “new world order” is led by George Soros, a hedge fund investor who made millions during the currency crisis in the early 1990s. While some anti-Semites claim that Soros is a Holocaust survivor and collaborator of the Nazis, Soros is a true globalist. The U.N. and the oil companies are the main forces behind the new world order. The media is part of the globalist takeover. It’s not an alternative, but it’s an important one.

The New World Order was a conspiracy theory that was largely discredited by most mainstream sources. The alleged New World Order took control of the economy and enslaved millions of people by imposing laws and halting economic activity. Its opponents also believe that the globalists have the power to control the economy and manipulate elections. The United Nations, however, has a different agenda and wants to be in charge of global affairs.