Globalist Takeover

The recent talk about the Globalist Takeover has been fueled by paranoia. The so-called “Coronavirus” has been held up as a pretext for the globalist takeover, and many individuals are being singled out as masterminds. In the process, internationalism is unraveling everywhere. Clearly, this globalist takeover is not about “protecting ourselves”, but rather destroying the world for good.

In this context, soros is warning the EU to fail if it does not accept Islamic refugees, and Democrat AGs are launching a religious inquisition against climate change denialists. Trump’s state-by-state path to the nomination is still a bright spot, but his opponent is the Globalist Soros. In addition, the anti-Trump narrative is being fueled by a host of ominous messages, including one from former Obama.

As a former Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson is part of the international fossil fuel network that is building a New World Order of climate change. Moreover, he has close ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This globalist network has infiltrated the U.S., Washington, and the White House. And it is not only in Trump’s Cabinet that we find the globalist network, but also in the White House itself.

During the election, a transvestite illegal alien camp in Texas was funded with taxpayer money. The Obama Regime referred to Bill & Hillary Clinton as voices of the shadow power of EU and George Soros. This is no longer a laughing matter. But the Obama Regime is still a dangerous example of globalism in action. If we continue to allow these globalists to continue to dominate our country, we can be sure that our future is in jeopardy.

The American Anti-Establishment Movement is a warning sign of globalist infiltration of the shadow government. Meanwhile, Pope Francis’ anti-Islamic speech compares Jesus’ spread with the Islamic Conquest. The Pope thaws ties with the Sunni Grand Imam of Egypt. And the GOP establishment slams Mitt Romney for his progressive flip-flops. It is no wonder the media and globalists are focusing their attention on the anti-Christ and anti-Semitic agenda.

Today’s World War II-related tensions could be an historic harbinger of global fascism. A recent report by a non-governmental organization claims that 97 percent of terrorists in the United States are white. And as if the Obama Administration wasn’t bad enough, a top Clinton aide suffers memory loss during a deposition. Unless the treasonous group behind this is revealed as a falsehood, the next world war is inevitable.