Many of us are concerned about the possibility of a Globalist Takeover. In the recent past, we’ve heard a lot of talk about Agenda 21 and the threat of a worldwide hegemony. But what exactly is this? The answer to these questions lies in the conspiracy theories that are rampant across the Internet. These theories range from the idea of an alien invasion to the implication that globalists want to overthrow the American government.

We know that there are globalists in the United States, but we should pay close attention to the agenda and the details. It is important to realize that this is not a one-off conspiracy theory, but rather a growing reality. It isn’t just a new conspiracy theory, either. It has been around for decades, dating back to the isolationist critics of FDR and the feared global powers after WWII. The John Birch Society nurtured anti-globalist sentiments during the Cold War, but they never made much mainstream headway. However, after the Cold War, the anti-globalist virus swept across the world, spreading quickly and causing an epidemic.

There’s a theory that a “Great Reset” is coming, which would erase all debt. As the Great Reset begins, a cabal of elites will take control of real estate. People will continue to work out of their homes, but they won’t own any of them. The plan will be to eliminate individual countries and create a global communist society. It’s a conspiracy theory with no scientific basis.

The Globalists are in charge of our energy, economics, and society. President Obama has accused the world’s petro-autocrats of bleeding the working class of America’s wealth. They also have a representative in the White House, the Obama administration, and the United Nations. It is no surprise that the globalists have taken hold of the US. It is time to act and fight back. It is time to stop allowing these unsavory globalists to take over our country.

The Globalists are not limited to the United States. The globalists are operating in every country in the world. They are a part of the globalist network and fund the most dangerous terrorists. They control all of the world’s oil and money. They control the government, the media, and the economy. In other words, the globalists are the ones that control the world. The only way to stop it is to stop the growth of these organizations.

The term globalist is used as a synonym for globalization. This word is a synonym for globalization, which has been criticized by liberal groups for decades. The term is often linked to anti-Semitism, which is a form of xenophobia. By definition, anti-Semitism is the hatred of foreigners. By contrast, globalists are the supporters of totalitarian fascist world governments.