Earlier this year, we reported on Bill Gates’ participation in a pandemic simulation. This was called Event 201, and it was co-hosted by the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The simulated event correctly predicted the pandemic known as COVID-19 which broke out 10 weeks later. It turns out that Gates and the World Economic Forum have a common agenda, which seems to be the globalist takeover.

Globalist Takeover

The real globalists are George Soros and the U.N. They are the ones who control the energy supply and pricing and have a representative in the Oval Office. The alleged “solution” is a classic magician’s ploy, and the consequences are dire. In fact, globalists are poisoning the world and their efforts are helping them accomplish this goal. Even the newest generation of fossil fuel globalists knew the dire consequences of climate change, and they are still enacting policies that are threatening the planet.

In addition to these people, there is a vast array of globalist conspiracy theories that suggest that the United States will be overtaken by petro-autocratic leaders. Some of the most popular conspiracy theories claim that Trump is a globalist. For example, he has close ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is a petro-autocrat. As a result, globalism is now firmly entrenched in the Trump administration, the White House, and Washington.

President Obama is blamed for our social and economic woes, and he has repeatedly claimed that a cabal of global elites is behind the bleakness in our nation. These ominous claims, which have become widespread on the internet, have been accompanied by accusations of New World Order conspiracy theories. There are also rumors of hundreds of concentration camps and roundups of American citizens. Moreover, he has threatening to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution.

The ominous signs of a globalist takeover are mirrored in the election results. The GOP won 28 of the 29 most competitive house seats and added three state legislatures. The ominous signs of a Globalist takeover are everywhere, and it is no surprise that it is working hard to make it happen. It’s all about opportunistic politics, and the globalists want to control us by any means necessary.

The current administration has a long list of potential globalist targets. In the United States, there’s one that has been deemed a globalist by the US government itself. This ominous sign, which is also a neo-Nazi, is a warning to the general public. It has been a long time since the US was occupied by a foreign power, and the Communists have no intention of stopping the oppression.