The globalist takeover has been on the minds of conservatives for years now. But what exactly is the plan behind Agenda 21? Is this just a new name for Globalism? Will a new government be installed in the U.S.? Does it mean an all-out war between our people and the “infected” world power? How does the new government plan to control our minds? The answer is a combination of both.

Globalist Takeover

There are several theories surrounding the U.N.’s involvement in the California recall election, and one of the most popular is that the United Nations is the real culprit. This idea is backed by many memes, depicting Governor Gavin Newsom as a Chinese Communist Party puppet or a globalist. In protests against the governor, he has been compared to a Nazi and a tyrant. While the current political environment in the United States is a mess, this concept is very likely to become the next great political battle, and it may have a huge impact on the results of the November 2016 elections.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order will be implemented through human population control, which will allow global elites to monitor and control human movement. Some of these methods include family planning programs and reproductive health programs, which will reduce the population of various populations. Others blame Soros for the COVID-19 virus, which has been ravaging the world. While some of these conspiracy theories are based on fact, it remains controversial.

The U.N. and other groups promoting globalization may be a part of the real deal, but they’re not the real globalists. The globalists control energy pricing and supply, and they have a representative in the Oval Office. In short, globalism has become a permanent feature of Washington and the White House. So, there is a danger of it coming back. It may be the last straw for our utopian world.

What does this have to do with the future of our planet? First of all, the globalists are building a New World Order based on climate change. They want to enslave people to serve their own interests. They want to control us by limiting our freedom and destroying our planet. The Globalists are also destroying our country’s economy. The world’s economy is already at risk. In short, it’s the “evil” cabal.

The New World Order is a dangerous globalist scheme. The United Nations has a nonbinding document on climate change. This document would dictate how climate change will affect the future of the planet. In the meantime, the US will be weakened and the world will collapse. The globalists have made America a target of their attacks. They have also imposed laws to control the economy and make it less free. In other words, the US government is an agent of the international elite.