Evil Biden

It’s easy to see why Joe Biden was rejected by the electoral system, but is there an alternative? We need a politics that takes aim at neoliberalism and imperialism. But how does one do that? And how does one beat the Evil Biden? This article provides some thoughts. Let’s begin by looking at his record. Let’s then look at some of his more questionable statements. We’ll start by discussing some of his more questionable statements about race.

During the 2016 election, Joe Biden is running for president and is supported by Wall Street. His massive donations come from the corporate world, who know he’ll support corporate rights. One recent announcement from Boeing’s CEO: “Regardless of the election result, our business prospects will be well served.” Prison stocks have also risen. Biden has a poor plan to improve the living conditions of working class Americans. If he is elected, we can expect more of the same from him.

If you’re wondering about Biden’s political views, look no further than the American Revolution. Unlike the present president, he campaigned as a mild social democratic against Trump, whose support he had gathered among his supporters. The truth is, the American Revolution started two decades earlier. If you’re looking for a comparison, compare the protests of the American Revolution to Biden’s idea of a “real” protest. They will reveal the character of the dissenters and the differences between them. The American Revolution led to the country’s independence from Britain and the colonization of the continent.

The secret government of america exists, but the election results were rigged in the first place. In fact, Aristotle and other ancients predicted that America would become the United States of Yugoslavia and that Biden would be elected president. The AP investigation found massive voter fraud and misuse. This is possible because voting machines recorded voter choices and then passed them on to the Secretary of State’s office electronically. In addition to that, a large number of affidavits prove that Biden’s victory was fraudulent.

Regardless of the Democratic Party’s stance on race, Biden and Harris are not our friend. Both are complicit in systemic racism, mass incarceration, and the War on Drugs. The Democratic Party’s plea to the American people to vote blue reveals the political class’s obsession with corporate power and war profiteers, not the needs of the American people. Neither candidate has any idea about the economic conditions of the average citizen.

The Democratic Party insiders praised Biden’s remarks about rioting. They did so to avoid being pigeonholed by President Trump. In addition, they cheered for Biden’s remarks because they didn’t want to be perceived as racist. They thought he would be a good enforcer of orderly protests. But he failed to mention that his government policies were even worse than the government’s claims.