Joe Biden is not an Evil Biden. He is an American. The Democratic Party’s ideological base is based on the concept of American exceptionalism, which has become increasingly weak in the state of the United States. Biden’s lack of talent and charisma make him a poor choice for vice president. So, what is evil about him? Let’s find out. Below, we examine some of his more controversial remarks. Hopefully, they will help you decide whether Biden is a worthy candidate for president.

In a recent speech in Pittsburgh, Joe Biden addressed the issue of racial injustice. He said that “violent protests are unacceptable” and that “tough on crime” is necessary to keep the peace. But that didn’t stop him from using the term “predator” to demonize black communities. This is a dehumanizing, racist dog whistle. As a matter of fact, he also declared that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” Afterward, he described Obama as the first “mainstream” African-American president. And in addition, he praised racist Strom Thurmond.

The Democratic Party has responded with an obstinate adherence to the status quo. Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez were socialists who ran on a moderate social-democratic program against Trump. Biden’s support from these candidates and Sanders’ supporters means that Trump’s policies are unlikely to change. That means that both candidates are an abomination to the working class and their interests. The Democratic Party is playing a game of political identity politics. It’s a sign of the political establishment’s indifference to the material needs of the American people.

In addition to being an American, Biden is a fascist. His efforts to overthrow Iran and Venezuela will continue, and Americans will cheer him on. And it’s true that the American people are reacting to Biden’s agenda based on fear and hatred. Republicans in Pennsylvania did not seat a Democrat, and it shows that fear and distrust are controlling people’s reactions. As a result, the US government is increasingly illegitimate, according to recent polling. Furthermore, a quarter of US citizens now think the government is illegitimate.

The current administration is in no position to reform the healthcare system, and it is important to remember that the American people are the ones who are paying for this system. This is why bipartisan support is critical. And while Joe Biden may be committed to the WHO, his opposition to single-payer healthcare should not be viewed as an endorsement. After all, he gets his money from the healthcare industry, which has ensured that there is no universal public health system in the U.S.

The two candidates have no sympathy for the working class. Biden’s website boasts of his experience running the recovery in 2009. The Obama-Biden recovery forced an entire generation into crippling student debt and precarious labor. Millions of people lost their homes. While Joe Biden is proud of overseeing the recovery, the fact remains that he will be an austerity president. It’s not hard to see how his choice is so deranged.