Evil Biden

There are two ways to describe Joe Biden: evil and nefarious. If you’re an angry Trump supporter, you’ve probably seen ads for the former Vice President. If you don’t recognize his name, read on for an explanation of his infamous “middle of the road” strategy. Whether you call him “evil” or nefarious depends on the perspective you choose to take.

The first way to characterize Joe Biden is to think of him as a psychological warfare operation run from a secret underground base in Switzerland. This base is situated on the border of Austria and Lichenstein, allowing him to enter and exit from any of those three countries. The ruling class has had to retreat into Switzerland because it is losing the war on the planet. Nevertheless, Joe Biden has managed to make it sound like the “good guys” are winning.

The second way to characterize the Democratic Party’s political ideology is to consider Biden’s stance on immigration. While he hasn’t taken on a direct position on immigration, he has made it clear that he has a personal agenda to pursue. The Democratic Party, meanwhile, has a history of promoting anti-immigration policies. This means that Biden is a puppet of the fossil fuel industry.

While it may be tempting to dismiss Biden’s proposals as politically correct, the reality is a little different. He has made the case for banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines. The latter, of course, is more likely to succeed than the former. And, if Biden does get elected, the country can expect to live a less violent existence. The Democratic Party is hardly a national nation. The Constitution is the US nation.

The Democratic Party was desperate to find a new voting block. In the Clinton era, DEMs included yuppy liberals, college-educated government workers, and ethnic minorities. Now, Biden wants to move these groups into mostly white neighborhoods. This demonstrates his hostility toward white America and his desire to misuse our tax dollars. So, the question remains: Is Biden the Evil Candidate? We’ll find out soon enough.

The new priority criteria he announced will have the effect of influencing the Civics Secures Democracy Act, which would appropriate $1 billion per year for six years for civic education. This Act would also fund Critical Race Theory in schools. But it’s not just small programs that Biden has promised to fund. The new criteria are likely to influence his actions. That’s right: Biden wants to change the rules of education. And the Biden administration is not shy about pushing the agenda of the left.