Democrats have launched a “Settle For Biden” campaign, portraying Biden as the lesser of two evils. Yet in the last four years, the definition of evil has evolved a great deal. And even though Biden is hardly an evil person, his cynicism is certainly not what a progressive should be associated with. The following are some reasons why the Democratic nominee is not the evil one. Read on to find out why.

Evil Biden

The American public is fed up with a president who isn’t a progressive and wants to change it. He has called for the repeal of the First Amendment protections for public employees who are opposed to abortion. His stance on abortion is so extreme that he has forced the American hierarchy to implement policies that undermine our constitution. While he may be a “pro-life” candidate, his record as a vice president is far from that of a pro-life candidate.

While he has a good record in the past, Biden has a history of hypocrisy. Despite his stance on the environment and civil rights, the vice president eulogizes a notorious senator, Strom Thurmond. While this might be a sign of a more progressive man, he hardly exemplifies the ideal of a progressive. In contrast, the “evil” Biden has a long list of accomplishments, and he is far from the worst.

As a true anti-segregation activist, Joe Biden has led the fight against “busing,” which allowed Black children to attend white schools. He has been described as a “born-again convert” to the anti-busing movement. In fact, he’s a staunch opponent of segregation in the Senate. While his sexism has weakened his own position in the party, he has defended his friend and praised his accomplishments as a champion of the cause.

The Democratic party has a strong ally in Joe Biden, but he is the Evil of the Democratic Party. The Democratic party is holding America to ransom, and if Biden wins the election, he will be the “evil of the Democratic Party.” He is a leader of both sides. A moderate is a moderate. The former VP’s views are a poor example of a liberal. Although Joe Biden is the best choice for a Democrat, he’s not the best choice for a Republican.

While Biden’s message is the opposite of that of a progressive, it does not matter if he’s a Republican or an independent. The Democratic Party is in a constant state of polarization. As a result, the Democratic Party has a strong ally in Joe Biden. If we are to have a representative democracy, we must eliminate the evil in the party. That means, we must remove the corrupt element of the Democrats and elect a Democrat who is “fair and just.”