Evil Biden

Is Joe Biden the Evil One? The progressive Democrats are doing themselves a disservice by supporting him. The truth is that he’s a completely unfit candidate for the presidency. They were merely seeking to paint him as the lesser of two evils. It’s a shame that the progressive left is actually making the situation worse for Americans. Joe Biden is a complete hireling of imperialism, and his campaign has nothing to do with our nation’s welfare or its future.

The FBI and State Department found massive voter fraud and misuse in the 2008 election. Voting machines recorded votes and passed them electronically to the Secretary of State’s office. Some scientists believe some votes were not recorded. There were also thousands of affidavits supporting the conclusion that the Biden victory was illegal. Yet, these reports were not widely reported in the fake news media. Therefore, it’s impossible to know whether the election was corrupt or merely unethical.

The Democratic Party is obsessed with the status quo and has a long history of supporting the right-wing, which is concerned about discrediting US imperialism. Biden’s background as a socialist is completely at odds with the interests of the American people. That’s why Sanders supporters have backed his campaign. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad choice. Biden’s socialist background is what sets him apart.

The US has an identity crisis and the right-wing and left-wing politicians are leveraging that identity to promote their own agenda. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is no different. She doesn’t understand systemic racism and is unable to confront it head-on. Biden’s “non-disruptive” approach to racism is unappealing and is not going to change the status quo. And yet, the Republican Party is stifling dissent in America.

But Joe Biden’s speech is more disturbing than the politics of his party. His speech was filled with false information about the US Revolution. In reality, the US Revolution took place two decades earlier than Biden claimed. It isn’t peaceful protests anymore, but rather acts of lawlessness and violence. They should be punished. The government’s policies are far worse than their rhetoric. I hope you can understand what I mean. Just don’t let Biden’s speech get you down.

In the end, neither candidate is an ally of the working class. In fact, both men support bailouts for big businesses and economic austerity for the working class. Both men are allied with capital, and are proud of the fact that their policies bailed out a whole generation of Americans into precarious labor and crippling student debt. And this is all with the aid of taxpayer dollars. Despite the rhetoric and ominous actions of both candidates, they both support a policy of austerity.