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Is Joe Biden an Evil Biden?

Joe Biden is not an Evil Biden. He is an American. The Democratic Party’s ideological base is based on the concept of American exceptionalism, which has become increasingly weak in the state of the United States. Biden’s lack of talent and charisma make him a poor choice for vice president. So, what is evil about him? Let’s find out. Below, we examine some of his more controversial remarks. Hopefully, they will help you decide whether Biden is a worthy candidate for president.

In a recent speech in Pittsburgh, Joe Biden addressed the issue of racial injustice. He said that “violent protests are unacceptable” and that “tough on crime” is necessary to keep the peace. But that didn’t stop him from using the term “predator” to demonize black communities. This is a dehumanizing, racist dog whistle. As a matter of fact, he also declared that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” Afterward, he described Obama as the first “mainstream” African-American president. And in addition, he praised racist Strom Thurmond.

The Democratic Party has responded with an obstinate adherence to the status quo. Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez were socialists who ran on a moderate social-democratic program against Trump. Biden’s support from these candidates and Sanders’ supporters means that Trump’s policies are unlikely to change. That means that both candidates are an abomination to the working class and their interests. The Democratic Party is playing a game of political identity politics. It’s a sign of the political establishment’s indifference to the material needs of the American people.

In addition to being an American, Biden is a fascist. His efforts to overthrow Iran and Venezuela will continue, and Americans will cheer him on. And it’s true that the American people are reacting to Biden’s agenda based on fear and hatred. Republicans in Pennsylvania did not seat a Democrat, and it shows that fear and distrust are controlling people’s reactions. As a result, the US government is increasingly illegitimate, according to recent polling. Furthermore, a quarter of US citizens now think the government is illegitimate.

The current administration is in no position to reform the healthcare system, and it is important to remember that the American people are the ones who are paying for this system. This is why bipartisan support is critical. And while Joe Biden may be committed to the WHO, his opposition to single-payer healthcare should not be viewed as an endorsement. After all, he gets his money from the healthcare industry, which has ensured that there is no universal public health system in the U.S.

The two candidates have no sympathy for the working class. Biden’s website boasts of his experience running the recovery in 2009. The Obama-Biden recovery forced an entire generation into crippling student debt and precarious labor. Millions of people lost their homes. While Joe Biden is proud of overseeing the recovery, the fact remains that he will be an austerity president. It’s not hard to see how his choice is so deranged.

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

Globalist Takeover

The Globalist Takeover is a two-pronged attack on the United States of America that aims to conform our system to international standards, at the expense of American exceptionalism and national autonomy. This approach violates the principle of sovereign equality between countries and sets a dangerous precedent. Nonetheless, it is still worth examining in detail some of the key issues surrounding the takeover. We will explore these issues further in this article.

Bill Gates has massive influence on global food, health, and technology policy. He has also called for “green” regulations to rebuild the world after COVID. Not only are global policies in danger of collapse, but so are the individual countries within these systems. The Globalist Takeover plan includes a New Green Deal and the eradication of individual nations. These globalist policies are only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s examine some of the more salient features of this scheme.

The CIA-kept media has a vested interest in rolling back 25 years. The elite establishment wants to control the narrative without challenge, grind down the middle class, and stigmatize dissenters. While many people have already been red pilled, tens of millions have not. Despite the globalist agenda, we must remain vigilant and work to defend our independence. This is why it is important to fight back.

Voter Fraud and Election Result Manipulation

Voter Fraud

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of talk about Voter Fraud, but there is no evidence that this issue is being systematically ignored. In fact, it’s the opposite: the Democrats have been manufacturing and changing votes for years, and now they’re multiplying their success with the passage of the mail-in voter statute. However, the corruption of the fake media has not covered this story. Here are some facts that have raised questions:

It is possible that election inspectors have manipulated the machines, so that a voter’s vote has been thrown out. But there is no way to determine whether a ballot is fraudulent unless it’s thoroughly scrutinized. Even in the case of an affidavit, it’s possible that the voter has voted for Mickey Mouse, and hasn’t filled in their details. Regardless, this situation is a major problem for the election system and should be investigated.

The FBI has not expressed any interest in investigating the issue of election and voter fraud. However, many Americans should be educated about their history before voting. Veterans and seniors should vote wisely, as they have a greater chance of winning the presidency. Meanwhile, Republican politicians should stop claiming election fraud without proof. They should simply accept the loss and move on with their lives. There are more than enough reasons to investigate election fraud. For example, the Trump administration doesn’t seem to care if we are witnessing a voter fraud epidemic.

In recent weeks, the Republican Party has used unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the election. In Arizona, Donald Trump has suggested without evidence that the Democrats were trying to steal the election, and in Florida, they were engaging in voter fraud. Further, he has complained that illegal asylum seekers and Democratic voters were going to the polls disguised as undocumented immigrants. But despite the lack of proof, his claims are not surprising.

As a result, the American public must rely on the integrity of elections and election officials. Counts and potential recounts should be free of fraud. Fortunately, there are a number of proven techniques that help election monitors verify disputed votes. By conducting these procedures, election officials can avoid a major problem. So, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to protect our democracy. We should, however, continue to protect democracy.

The Trump campaign’s recent attempts to prove voter fraud have failed. In Nevada, the Republican has already filed several post-election lawsuits and has failed. The Republican’s claims of massive voter fraud have been repeatedly rejected by the judge. This is not surprising, given that the Trump campaign has lost so many elections. The president’s administration has repeatedly attempted to suppress the press and dismantle checks and balances. In the meantime, the Trump campaign has resorted to defamation litigation.

The Evil Biden and Democrat Voter Fraud

Evil Biden

It is a sad day for the Democratic Party when the VP nominee for the next president is known as the Evil B. Joe Biden, as Vice President of the Democratic Party, is the primary target of his campaign and the liberal media. He is not only funded by Wall Street, which knows that he will protect corporate rights. As a result, Boeing and prison stocks rose when Biden announced that he would name Kamala Harris as his vice president. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that corporate donors have been donating millions to the Democratic Party for Biden’s presidential campaign.

While Joe Biden may have re-entered the Paris Climate Accords, this is offset by his commitment to fracking. His promise to ease sanctions with Iran is no longer guaranteed, given his own commitment to imperialist plunder in the Middle East. Furthermore, Biden’s involvement in the overthrow of Libya and the coup in Honduras reflects his pro-American stance on foreign affairs. While he is a centrist, he has a history of supporting the Democratic party and a progressive message.

Sanders’ campaign portrays Biden as a socialist savior who will protect the interests of the workers against Trump’s neo-liberalism. Biden, on the other hand, has made it clear that he will not support Sanders’ policies. As a result, Biden has focused his campaign on right-wing Republicans who are concerned that Trump’s behaviour will damage US imperialism. The suffocating obstacles will further cement the right-wing Republican coalition.

When the Democratic Party chose Joe Biden as their nominee for the presidency, they assumed that the victory of Joe Biden would mean a triumph for humanity. In reality, they couldn’t have done much to shake the Democratic Party and Congress. In fact, Biden has little experience as a president, and is more suitable for retirement than an active role in government. Further, they failed to build on the Obama-Biden recovery that resulted in the death of 200,000 people and the slashing of millions of jobs.

In addition to his failure to build a better economy, Biden also failed to address the issues that afflicted the working class. His website brags about having led the recovery in 2009, but the fact is that it forced a generation into precarious labor, crippling student debt, and the loss of millions of homes. This is not a “recovery,” but an austerity-era president, and Biden’s election is a clear indication of that.

Trump’s racial divide and COVID pandemic fueled record voter agency among young Black voters, propelling Democratic candidate Joe Biden to the White House and Georgia Senators Jon Osoff and Ralphael Warnock to the Senate. Moreover, in spite of a recent Trump administration snub, young Black voters at HBCU campuses were more civically engaged than ever before. This will hopefully empower the next generation of voters to fight against racial injustice.

Stop the Globalist Takeover of America

Globalist Takeover

We need to stop the Globalist Takeover of America. The new world order is tyrannizing the United States, and President Trump encourages its implementation. The battle to stop this takeover is becoming a global effort, requiring international cooperation. As the United States battles the Globalists for control over the soul of our nation, it is vital that it defends itself against this invasion. Globalists are a new breed of criminals who have sworn to destroy our nation.

Voter Fraud and Election Result Manipulation

Voter Fraud

If you have ever wondered if there is a connection between election fraud and electronic voting machines, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of conspiracy theory surrounding this issue, but a recent report from the RNC’s own legal team points to some key similarities. First, both parties rely on electronic voting systems, which are inherently insecure. Secondly, there’s a revolving door between politics and business. That means that some companies are interested in hacking votes.

This phenomenon is known as smart voting. When a voter casts a ballot, the computer flips it according to its algorithm. This allows the operators of Smartmatic to manipulate the results of elections. The founder of this company admitted that he changed millions of votes using an algorithm. The resulting election results show that a rogue computer program is to blame. While this is far from the only method of voter fraud, it is a major red flag for suspicious activities.

As a result, absentee ballots are vulnerable to fraud. Poll workers in Philadelphia were told not to ask people to provide photo IDs. This meant that illegal immigrants would be able to vote. In Camden, residents voted without having to show photo ID. The Trump campaign is still pursuing this case, but it’s clear that they’re concerned. However, they don’t have much evidence to back up their claims.

Some people may have been unaware that they had already voted. In Pennsylvania, there were other fraudulent practices committed by Democrat bosses. In fact, many precincts don’t have 100% turnout. Moreover, many voters simply walked in and thought they had already voted. However, the Democrat election machines recorded the votes of 15,000 people. In addition, witnesses claimed that the machines assigned ballots to candidates like Rudy Giuliani, even though they didn’t show up.

There were thousands of cases wherein voter data were altered to boost a particular candidate. In many states, the election was rigged by massive amounts of fraudulent ballots. In some states, these votes were trashed like a file, and injected with votes for Biden. That explains why Biden won Georgia, and millions of others. The evidence that this happened is clear. And we can’t wait to see what happens when we can finally put this sham to rest.

A judge in Nevada ruled against the Trump campaign on a major voter fraud lawsuit, rejecting the campaign’s claims that it was a victim of voter fraud. The judge also dismissed the claims of out-of-state voters, deceased voters, and impersonated voters. However, the judge ruled that the evidence presented by the Trump campaign had little to no value. Despite the court’s ruling, this case remains a hot topic in politics.

As an example, consider the case of Bush V Gore. In this case, the judge ruled that the government should provide equal protection to people accused of voting fraud. While the case itself may seem controversial, it shows that there’s much more to the issue than that. The court’s ruling on equal protection, however, was far from perfect. A similar situation occurred in Ohio in the 2016 presidential election. The decision reflects the current state of our democracy and the importance of equal protection for everyone.

Democrat Corruption and Deep State Voter Fraud

Evil Biden

Joe Biden, a self-styled “evil” politician, is a hired hand of imperialism. His global capitalist crisis has deepened, and the effects of neoliberalism have polarized people from the right to the left. His ability to lead his own coalition is limited by the opposition to Trump. If the Democrats lose in 2020, a majority conservative Supreme Court and GOP senate will likely cover up the geopolitical underpinnings of Biden’s campaign.

Despite his progressive credentials, Joe Biden is a lifelong politician. He supported the 1994 crime bill and has a history of promoting policies that have worsened the lives of black Americans. He is a co-author of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which led to mass incarceration and devastating effects on minority communities. His politics reflect this mindset and are antithetical to American values. If you can’t see the difference between a capitalist and an evil biden, don’t vote for them.

The media has always ignored this pattern and focused on his racism, not on the right-wing. But this isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, the Democratic Party has long been sympathetic to the right, which is concerned about discrediting US imperialism. This is why the media has been able to focus on the racism and hatred directed at Biden. However, a closer look at his past history reveals that the Democrat Party has a history of supporting the right-wing.

The Democrats assumed that a victory for Biden was a triumph for humanity, when they were wrong. His campaign offered nothing to shake Congress or benefit the American people. Indeed, the Democrats should have won without a fight, but the fact remains that he was a dummy and is ill-suited for the job. And what’s worse, a second term under Trump would be far worse for our country. And progressive Democrats are helping to make the situation worse for all of us.

This is why a Biden presidency is a disaster for the African people. The President-elect will continue the Obama-Biden policies of bailouts for big business and austerity for the working class. The Obama-Biden-led economy pushed millions of Americans into precarious labor and crippling student debt. And the economic recovery that Biden oversaw was also a disaster for the working class. Hence, a Biden presidency will only exacerbate this problem.

Those who are left-leaning have largely abandoned their long-standing stance against voting for capitalist parties. This includes the Industrial Workers of the World, Eugene Debs’ Socialist Party, the early US Communist Party, and the Trotskyist movement. Now, the radical left is declaring “Bernie or bust!”

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

Globalist Takeover

The Globalist Takeover is a two-pronged assault on the United States that seeks to bend our system to international standards. In doing so, we compromise American exceptionalism and national autonomy, and we set a dangerous precedent that others will follow. But there are some crucial issues that we should examine to ensure that we are not complicit. First, let’s define what the Globalist Takeover is. And what will it mean for our nation?

The term “anti-globalism” is used to describe the agenda of globalists. This term has political power and a large audience, enabling anti-globalist groups to rally around the term. In the past few decades, the term “anti-globalism” was a synonym for globalization, a concept that liberal organizations had been criticizing for years. But today, the anti-globalist agenda is gaining in influence and is beginning to dominate public debate.

Voter Fraud Allegations and Possible Legal Action

Voter Fraud

In a press conference at the RNC headquarters, Trump Campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other members of the Trump Campaign discussed election fraud allegations and possible legal action. This is a good start to understanding how election fraud occurs and what you can do to help prevent it. However, if you still have doubts, the press conference is not the place to go to discuss election fraud. Instead, you should study the history of the United States and what happened there before you cast your ballot.

In a previous post-election hearing, the Trump campaign and the Republican in Nevada claimed massive voter fraud in the state of Nevada. However, the judge rejected their claim. The judge’s ruling referred to the evidence presented as “unsound” and “questionable methodologies.” The court ruled that there was no evidence that mail voting fraud rates were higher than other forms of voting. In addition, there was no evidence that fraudulent election activities affected the presidential race.

Evil Biden and the Deep State’s Election Result Manipulation

Evil Biden

After the election, the world will know that evil Biden is running for president. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are partnering with Wall Street to elect Biden, and they know that Biden will be a friend to corporate rights. In fact, Boeing’s CEO said that business prospects would be served regardless of the election results. Prison stocks rose after Biden announced Kamala Harris as his vice president. Even Reuters reported that prison stocks would rise with the announcement of Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris.

Despite the recent racial tensions in the US, Democrats still cheered for the Vice-Presidential nominee. But while Democrats cheered, they were left wondering about his intentions. As a member of the Democratic Party, Biden has no interest in pigeonholing himself as an anti-racist. They believe that if he becomes president, Biden would enforce orderly protests.

Biden’s geopolitics and lack of a plan for the poor working class will undoubtedly cost humanity. Black America will probably suffer the most under Biden’s administration. In addition, Biden has pledged to provide $300 million to police departments to crush the Black uprisings. His lack of a plan to help the working class will further exacerbate the suffering of the black community. If he is elected, he will only make matters worse.

Joe Biden’s past is a resounding indication that he is a racist and dehumanizing candidate. In addition to his participation in the Reagan-era “tough on crime” mentality, Biden has used the term “predator” to demonize the black community. This is a racist dog whistle. He once said that he did not want his kids to grow up in a “racial jungle,” which is nothing but a racist derogatory term. Later, he referred to Obama as the first mainstream African-American. And he has eulogized racist Strom Thurmond.

The United States has a secret government. We cannot trust our government, but it is true that the government controls our society. The secret government of the United States is still in power. The next chapter of American Civil War could be a United States of Yugoslavia. And it might all come to an end if Trump collides with Biden and pulls the criminal indictment against him. But he’ll win the election, because Aristotle predicted that evil will win.

The Orange Man, as most of us remember him, was a tough guy. Known for his braggadocious talk, he allowed his worst enemy to weaponize hypochondria and fear. While he knew that illness is not a real threat to his life, he used his worst enemy to attack people with his own personal fears. And it is no surprise that he became an enemy of Catholics.

The election of 2016 was also a test of black voter agency. A growing number of young Black voters, who usually don’t vote, voted for Joe Biden. And the recent election has proved that young Black people are increasingly civically engaged, as they were propelled to vote in the name of social justice. The new administration, however, is likely to exacerbate these problems. In spite of these problems, the young Black voters in the HBCUs are more engaged than ever before.