On Sunday evening, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul Pelosi, attended the Kennedy Center Honors alongside Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden family. This is the first time Paul Pelosi has been seen after his alleged hammer attack by a halfnaked man.

Naturally, questions swirled online in response. One Twitter user commented: “Paul Pelosi just got a standing ovation at the Kennedy Center awards. He recovered very quickly for an 82-year-old man who took a hammer to the head. How is this possible?”

“For someone who was nearly beaten to death with a hammer while police watched, elderly Paul Pelosi has made a near-miraculous and speedy full recovery!” said Todd Starnes.

One Twitter user pointed out that Paul Pelosi had a glove on one of his hands. “Mostly Peaceful Memes,” asked, “Have there been any photos of Paul Pelosi’s injuries?”

That would be worth looking into.