Senate Confirms Race-Baiting Quack Kristen Clarke to Lead Civil Rights at DOJ With One Republican Vote

“Once Pushed Essay Comparing Cops To KKK”

The Senate confirmed Kristen Clarke to lead the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice. Clarke has a history of saying insane things about race which are divisive and racist, but she was given a pass.

She got the vote of one Republican: Susan Collins of Maine.

Michael Ginsberg writes at the Daily Caller:

Senate Confirms DOJ Nominee Who Once Pushed Essay Comparing Cops To KKK

The Senate confirmed Kristen Clarke to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division on Tuesday.

Republican Maine Rep. Susan Collins voted with all 50 Democrats to confirm Clarke. Her nomination survived Republican criticism of her promotion of an essay that compared police officers to the Ku Klux Klan, as well as other perceived insults towards police officers.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was forced to use a discharge petition to advance Clarke’s nomination out of the Senate Judiciary Committee after Democrats and Republicans deadlocked, Axios reported.

While at Columbia University, Clarke recommended an essay entitled “Mumia, ‘Lynch Law’ & Imperialism” to her mentor for an academic journal.

The essay, written by the late Amiri Baraka, declares, “The Klan is now the Police, with Blue uniforms replacing the sheets and hoods. The corrupt racist Judges, are petty Klan administrators.”

Ginsberg also points out that Clarke promoted the Jussie Smollett race hoax. She is an awful choice for any role. Professor Jacobson commented on Twitter: Some Republicans spoke out against the choice of Clarke. Senator Susan Collins is a nice woman, but as a Republican she clearly does not understand the moment we are in right now, as I recently noted on Twitter: The left, the Democrats and the media are cheering the appointment of Clarke and all they keep saying is that she is the first black woman to hold the position. Who cares? This is a perfect illustration of the left’s insistence on valuing identity over merit. Clarke should not have been confirmed and I will never understand why Collins voted to appoint her.

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