Voter Fraud

The recent Italian election has sparked accusations of widespread Voter Fraud. In a shocking revelation, voters found their ballots were being changed at the last minute. It was discovered that voting machines had been connected to the internet and that vote tallies were passed down to servers in Frankfurt, Germany. In fact, the vote counts were being changed with the aid of a backdoor and a mini satellite. This fraud was uncovered by the State Department, the Italian Prime Minister, and two data scientists from the MI6. The news created a massive crisis for the Italian Prime Minister, but the corrupt fake media failed to cover this.

While Trump’s campaign did not refer to the massive voter fraud that occurred during the 2016 presidential election, there are thousands of affidavits that show illegal activities and an illegal Biden victory. The Trump campaign’s attempt to claim that these crimes were a result of voter fraud has been refuted by a recent AP review. Nonetheless, this latest revelation is a reminder of the dangers of voter fraud in America.

While voter fraud is rare, many Republican politicians have made a big show of cracking down on election fraud and other types of election crimes. Several states have reorganized their law enforcement agencies and increased the penalties for voter crime. Republican state attorneys general and district attorneys are encouraging aggressive prosecutions of individuals accused of voter fraud. In some cases, voters were simply mistaken. As a result, the FBI has not been able to investigate any cases of voter fraud.

Private-equity voting software companies have also been accused of doing shoddy work in recent elections. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar have criticized private-equity voting software companies for putting profit over security. In addition to the scandal involving Dominion, Merritt reportedly conducted an investigation of the voting software companies to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in their systems. Merritt also identifies former government officials who took jobs with these voting software companies.

While the consequences of voter fraud vary from one state to another, most of these crimes do occur by American citizens and immigrants. While there are many cases of voter fraud, there are far fewer people accused of it than actually committed crimes. While the amount of fraud is small, the consequences of voting fraud are high. For example, a non-resident of one state can vote in a neighboring state while their registration details remain unchanged. And there are numerous other examples of voter fraud.

Candidate Trump alleged voter fraud months before the election. He warned voters that he could lose the election if millions of fraudulent votes were cast against him. He then established a special commission to investigate the problem. Unfortunately, this commission was quietly disbanded without producing any proof of voter fraud. In addition, the Trump administration has shown little interest in addressing the documented threats to election integrity. Among them is partisan gerrymandering. Many states rely on partisan officials to oversee balloting.