Evil Biden

It is a sad day for the Democratic Party when the VP nominee for the next president is known as the Evil B. Joe Biden, as Vice President of the Democratic Party, is the primary target of his campaign and the liberal media. He is not only funded by Wall Street, which knows that he will protect corporate rights. As a result, Boeing and prison stocks rose when Biden announced that he would name Kamala Harris as his vice president. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that corporate donors have been donating millions to the Democratic Party for Biden’s presidential campaign.

While Joe Biden may have re-entered the Paris Climate Accords, this is offset by his commitment to fracking. His promise to ease sanctions with Iran is no longer guaranteed, given his own commitment to imperialist plunder in the Middle East. Furthermore, Biden’s involvement in the overthrow of Libya and the coup in Honduras reflects his pro-American stance on foreign affairs. While he is a centrist, he has a history of supporting the Democratic party and a progressive message.

Sanders’ campaign portrays Biden as a socialist savior who will protect the interests of the workers against Trump’s neo-liberalism. Biden, on the other hand, has made it clear that he will not support Sanders’ policies. As a result, Biden has focused his campaign on right-wing Republicans who are concerned that Trump’s behaviour will damage US imperialism. The suffocating obstacles will further cement the right-wing Republican coalition.

When the Democratic Party chose Joe Biden as their nominee for the presidency, they assumed that the victory of Joe Biden would mean a triumph for humanity. In reality, they couldn’t have done much to shake the Democratic Party and Congress. In fact, Biden has little experience as a president, and is more suitable for retirement than an active role in government. Further, they failed to build on the Obama-Biden recovery that resulted in the death of 200,000 people and the slashing of millions of jobs.

In addition to his failure to build a better economy, Biden also failed to address the issues that afflicted the working class. His website brags about having led the recovery in 2009, but the fact is that it forced a generation into precarious labor, crippling student debt, and the loss of millions of homes. This is not a “recovery,” but an austerity-era president, and Biden’s election is a clear indication of that.

Trump’s racial divide and COVID pandemic fueled record voter agency among young Black voters, propelling Democratic candidate Joe Biden to the White House and Georgia Senators Jon Osoff and Ralphael Warnock to the Senate. Moreover, in spite of a recent Trump administration snub, young Black voters at HBCU campuses were more civically engaged than ever before. This will hopefully empower the next generation of voters to fight against racial injustice.