Evil Biden

You’ve heard of the “Evil Biden” before, but do you really know him? Many people have questioned his honesty and integrity, so he must be very evil indeed. But what are his faults and why is he the Democratic nominee for president? Here’s a look at his history. During his time as vice president, he participated in the Reagan era’s “tough on crime” mentality, including using the term “predator” to demonize the black community. That is a racist dog whistle and dehumanizing. Moreover, he’s said he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” He also referred to Barack Obama as the first “mainstream” African-American president and eulogized racist Strom Thurmond as a good candidate.

Joe Biden’s ties to Dick Cheney have made it hard for him to disassociate from his geopolitical views. The most likely scenario for covering up Biden’s geopolitical views is a majority GOP senate and Supreme Court. As a senator, he has also built a career on criminalizing blacks and other colonized people in the US. He has even supported a pipeline from Russia to Germany, which will help Russian President Vladimir Putin expand his political influence.

Sadly, Biden doesn’t have the slightest knowledge of racism, and his rhetoric is hardly based on any factual information. The ultimate promoter of violence, systemic racism, is a very real problem in the United States, and until it’s solved, public outbursts will continue to be a problem. However, unlike Martin Luther King, Biden lacks the courage and grit to face his racism dilemma head-on. Instead, he prefers to use a diplomatic approach.

In addition to being an “evil” candidate, Biden’s behavior on the campaign trail is extremely troubling. Many have compared his candidacy to a Nazi. This is a dangerous mistake! However, the evidence is mounting, and the political climate is dangerously unstable. Aristotle predicted that neoliberalism would lead to fascism, and Biden is a prime example of this. And yet, he’s the candidate who will be president.

The truth is, the US government has a legitimacy crisis. According to recent surveys, twenty to twenty percent of the voting public believes the US government is unreliable. Even more troubling is that Republicans have refused to seat a Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania, despite Biden’s high ratings. As a result, the US government is illegitimate in the eyes of many people, including Democrats. The media’s announcement that Biden is the 46th president has created an atmosphere of reactionary hysteria and relief.

The fact is, Biden is no friend of the working class. On his website, Biden touts his experience as president of the Recovery from the Great Recession of 2009. Obama’s and Biden’s recovery forced millions of people into precarious labor and crippling student debt. Millions of people lost their homes, and Joe Biden is proud of his role as president of this recovery. And this means that he will continue with austerity and will continue the same stance as the President-elect.