Evil Biden

Some say that Joe Biden is the lesser evil, but this is not the case. While both candidates have done a lot to turn the U.S. into a nightmare, Joe has done a better job. Let’s look at some of the best and worst examples of the Evil Biden. And don’t forget that he’s the vice president of the United States of America. His political career spans more than three decades, and he has more experience in the role than either of his two major rivals.

The Sanders campaign wants Biden to veer to the left and join the “alt-left” movement. That’s why they have a social media campaign calling on hesitant Democrats to “Settle for Biden.” Though they admit that a second term under Trump would be more dangerous, these organizers present Biden as the “lesser of two evils.” Of course, this strategy will not work unless the American people see that evil has changed dramatically.

The Democratic Party has dealt Biden a major blow when he refused to back voting reforms. In fact, his efforts to push these bills through Congress were stifled by members of his own party. The climate agenda and social-spending legislation proposed by Vice President Joe Biden were also blocked by Senate Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. So, don’t let the Evil Binion fool you: it will not stop the threat of Trump, and it won’t hurt U.S. capitalism. And, as always, if you choose a politician who’s a part of the “bad guy” in your heart, you’ll just waste your time.

The Democratic Party is in crisis. The party has been tied up in knots of its own making and President Obama remains at 40% in the polls. To prevent the party from crumbling, the Vice President came prepared with a robust domestic agenda. And with self-confidence, he denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine. However, the election results are still inconclusive. Despite these problems, the Democratic Party must remain united.

In recent years, the US government has been engulfed in a crisis that has threatened to undermine the American way of life. The United States has a moral and ethical dilemma in the face of a crisis that can only be solved by establishing an effective anti-war alliance with Russia. And a new world order must be formed. The only way to get the country out of this is to defeat the Evil Binder. It is one of the most dangerous enemies of democracy.

As the vice president, Joe Biden has demonstrated that he is not a perfect leader. He’s never underestimated the evil of a dictator. He’s a born-again convert to the movement for civil rights. And, like Moses, he has long since joined forces with the infamous Senator Strom Thurmond, a staunch segregationist and a serial sexual offender. Despite his failure to inspire the American people, Biden has a clear track record in bringing America out of the wilderness.