Voter Fraud

In the months before the 2016 election, candidate Trump claimed voter fraud was a big problem. He warned voters to avoid losing the election by casting millions of fraudulent votes against him. He even created a special commission to investigate the problem, which was quietly disbanded in early 2018 without producing any evidence. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has shown little interest in addressing the many documented threats to the integrity of our elections. Partisan gerrymandering and the use of partisan officials to oversee balloting are two examples of documented threats to the integrity of our elections.

One of the most significant examples of voter fraud occurred during the Italian election. According to a recent investigation by the Italian government, thousands of voters were affected by massive voter fraud. Lax election laws in Italy have also been blamed for widespread voter fraud, and the Italian government continues to investigate the issue. To further investigate voter fraud, this article examines how election systems can be hacked and the video of a voter slipping their vote onto a Trump ballot.

The revolving door between business and politics has made it easier for criminals to steal votes. During the 2016 election, Merritt was part of the investigation team. His team studied the electronic-voting companies and looked for weak password security. It also sought out private information about poll workers. Merritt believed he was uncovering vulnerabilities in these systems. But when his team found evidence of hacking, multiple states blocked their voting systems.

Democrat election officials also took advantage of the process. In Philadelphia, poll workers were instructed not to ask for photo ID from voters. This way, illegal immigrants were voting. In Camden, the same thing happened. A Democrat secretary of state was instructed not to ask for photo ID, so the election officials would not stop them. Then, in Philadelphia, poll workers did not ask voters for photo ID. They also knew they were voting illegal immigrants, which is a crime.

During the past several years, Democrats have manufactured ballots for various purposes. The first step was to pass a mail-in-votes statute. The Democrats knew they were having a field day once the legislation passed. This act multiplied the number of mail-in ballots by ten. Then, they seized the opportunity to use it to their advantage. Even President Jimmy Carter and Secretary of State Baker have warned voters against this practice.

Currently, a large majority of American citizens believe the US government should actively support democratic movements abroad. In fact, their actions and rhetoric compromise the commitment to global democracy. These populist demagogues are seeking to subvert democratic norms to gain power. They are systematically undermining the checks and balances of the American people. Therefore, these efforts must be put on hold and prevented in the future. So, if the United States wants to maintain democracy, it must support democratic institutions worldwide.