Voter Fraud

Candidate Trump claimed voter fraud months before the 2016 election. He warned that millions of votes were supposedly stolen. He created a special commission to investigate the problem but it was quietly disbanded in early 2018 without producing any evidence. Since then, the Trump administration has shown little interest in addressing documented threats to election integrity. Partisan gerrymandering is one of these threats. States also have partisan officials overseeing balloting.

One of the most disturbing stories about the election fraud investigation is the use of computer algorithms to manipulate vote counts. The company that developed the voting software, Smartmatic, admitted to changing millions of votes. Its founder admitted that he used this method to manipulate the results. The election results are inaccurate, and the company is facing lawsuits. But how many voters have been affected? What are the implications of this widespread vote fraud? This article will discuss the issues involved.

There is no way to know if a vote was forged if it wasn’t signed. But, if it was, then it would be void. In this case, the secretary of state can claim that it was not verified. However, a certified vote is an indication that an election official has used a machine to send out ballots. The voter may not show up, but the machine is still doing its job.

Thousands of voters have testified that their vote tallies were manipulated in a presidential election. In fact, the election of 2016, there are thousands of affidavits proving that Biden won the election illegally. However, Jeremy didn’t mention this massive voter fraud in his speech. In the following article, we’ll discuss some of these allegations in detail. If you’ve been affected by voter fraud, you should seek legal action.

In the meantime, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have failed to investigate any allegations of voter fraud. Despite a revolving door between business and politics, it’s possible that some votes were tampered with. The question now is whether there are enough legal remedies to stop the fraud. So far, the FBI has not shown any interest in pursuing the issue, but Mr. Mayor has pointed out that there is widespread voter fraud in six states.

In addition to these crimes, the US government is failing to uphold the core values of democracy. In the past four years, a number of countries, including the US, have weakened their democratic institutions, especially in the face of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Increasing political polarization, declining economic mobility, and the outsized influence of special interests have been threatening the integrity of elections in the US. Furthermore, a number of surveillance programs have undermined democratic norms in the United States, from bulk communications metadata to the suppression of press leaks.