Voter Fraud

In the recent Italian election, there have been reports of vote-counting irregularities. This was because voting machines were connected to the internet and vote tallies were sent via a Leonardo mini satellite to a server in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition, two data scientists from the Italian security agency, MI6, were employed to oversee the vote-counting process. While the Italian government was shocked at the findings, the corrupt fake media is still failing to cover the scandal.

A new lawsuit has emerged, claiming massive voter fraud. The lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign cites anonymous declarations as proof of fraud. Those anonymous declarations alleged that tens of thousands of nonresidents voted in the 2020 election. The lawsuit, however, is under seal. As such, it will not be revealed until after the election. Nevertheless, it will certainly raise questions about the integrity of our elections.

Throughout the 2016 election, Trump and his allies have raised alarms about voter fraud. They’ve claimed that Democrat candidates were stealing the election without proving their claims. And in recent weeks, Republican politicians in Washington, D.C. and the media have been playing up this partisan narrative by making vague, unsupported claims of election fraud. Trump’s campaign has even made unsubstantiated accusations about immigration and asylum seekers voting for Democrats.

This was not the only Democrat election fraud scandal that tainted the 2016 presidential election. Pennsylvania voters were victims of other frauds by the Democratic party. While a few voters were able to get their votes changed, hundreds or even thousands of people were unable to do so. That’s why the FBI’s response to the scandal was so blatantly hypocritical. It’s not enough to investigate individual cases, though.

The Trump campaign filed several post-election lawsuits in an attempt to prove that voters used illegal methods to vote. The claims of illegal voting, dead voters and impersonating voters were all dismissed. As a result, the Trump campaign and Republican Party have made no progress in their efforts to prove that the election was marred by voter fraud. The Trump campaign, however, continues to make these claims. The campaign and the media are simply too eager to get the story out there.

There is no doubt that election fraud is a problem that is far greater than most people suspect. The Dominion voting machines are easily accessible by hackers. In fact, one video shows how a kid with a cell phone can hack a voting machine with ease. Furthermore, there is no oversight over Dominion employees. Even if they’re supposed to be unbiased, they’ll be able to insert a Trump vote into a voter’s ballot.

This kind of voter fraud was a symptom of the challenges to US democracy long before the election of Donald Trump. Among these challenges are intensifying political polarization, a weakening of economic mobility, and the outsized influence of special interests. Increasingly partisan media has taken over fact-based reporting. Another issue has to do with surveillance programs. While the Bush administration collected bulk communications metadata, the Obama administration cracked down on press leaks.