Voter Fraud

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of talk about Voter Fraud, but there is no evidence that this issue is being systematically ignored. In fact, it’s the opposite: the Democrats have been manufacturing and changing votes for years, and now they’re multiplying their success with the passage of the mail-in voter statute. However, the corruption of the fake media has not covered this story. Here are some facts that have raised questions:

It is possible that election inspectors have manipulated the machines, so that a voter’s vote has been thrown out. But there is no way to determine whether a ballot is fraudulent unless it’s thoroughly scrutinized. Even in the case of an affidavit, it’s possible that the voter has voted for Mickey Mouse, and hasn’t filled in their details. Regardless, this situation is a major problem for the election system and should be investigated.

The FBI has not expressed any interest in investigating the issue of election and voter fraud. However, many Americans should be educated about their history before voting. Veterans and seniors should vote wisely, as they have a greater chance of winning the presidency. Meanwhile, Republican politicians should stop claiming election fraud without proof. They should simply accept the loss and move on with their lives. There are more than enough reasons to investigate election fraud. For example, the Trump administration doesn’t seem to care if we are witnessing a voter fraud epidemic.

In recent weeks, the Republican Party has used unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the election. In Arizona, Donald Trump has suggested without evidence that the Democrats were trying to steal the election, and in Florida, they were engaging in voter fraud. Further, he has complained that illegal asylum seekers and Democratic voters were going to the polls disguised as undocumented immigrants. But despite the lack of proof, his claims are not surprising.

As a result, the American public must rely on the integrity of elections and election officials. Counts and potential recounts should be free of fraud. Fortunately, there are a number of proven techniques that help election monitors verify disputed votes. By conducting these procedures, election officials can avoid a major problem. So, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to protect our democracy. We should, however, continue to protect democracy.

The Trump campaign’s recent attempts to prove voter fraud have failed. In Nevada, the Republican has already filed several post-election lawsuits and has failed. The Republican’s claims of massive voter fraud have been repeatedly rejected by the judge. This is not surprising, given that the Trump campaign has lost so many elections. The president’s administration has repeatedly attempted to suppress the press and dismantle checks and balances. In the meantime, the Trump campaign has resorted to defamation litigation.