Voter Fraud

Republicans are over-the-top in their claims of election and voter fraud, including Donald Trump’s claim that Democrats tried to steal the election. Ramsland and Merritt have also shared their work with GOP politicians in Washington, including Congressman Louie Gohmert, an eight-term Republican. In fact, Gohmert was briefed by A.S.O.G. on how to combat voter fraud.

A web activity log can be used as evidence of possible election fraud. These logs show how the voting system functions and whether or not there was a break-in or hack. As such, the deletion of these records could be an indication of a malicious act. Election logs should not be deleted. There have already been lawsuits over counties deleting election records. If you suspect voter fraud, investigate the source of the records. You might be able to uncover illegal activities in the process.

The Wisconsin Assembly recently hosted back-to-back hearings on election coordination. Specifically, the hearings focused on the use of voter rolls to manipulate elections. A Democrat group, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, is hosting the hearings. They want to protect the rights of Wisconsin voters by cracking down on election fraud. It’s a good thing that Democrat groups are putting forward new legislation that aims to protect citizens.

Recent elections have thrown the validity of pre-election polling into question. No one is using pre-election polling numbers to challenge election results, and few believe that exit polls can be used to determine if vote manipulation has occurred. Likewise, sample-based processes like polling cannot provide the accurate numbers that voters need to determine if fraud is taking place. So, the question remains: Is polling really effective in determining voter fraud?

Whether we trust international election monitors, or we trust our election officials to do their job, we must be able to trust them. This is the only way to protect our democracy from widespread corruption. Whether the elections are fair or rigged, our government has every incentive to guarantee the integrity of the process. And if we don’t, it’s up to us as citizens to trust them to do their job. So, let’s look at what election monitors can do to verify disputed votes.

The Trump campaign’s attempts to win election challenges have been unsuccessful. A judge in Nevada ruled against the campaign’s claims of widespread voter fraud. In addition, the Republican in Nevada has also filed at least five other election challenges. Those lawsuits have failed to result in any substantive outcome for either side. Nonetheless, the legal battle continues. In the meantime, it is crucial that we continue to keep an open mind about our elections.