Voter Fraud

If you’re worried about voter fraud, you’re not alone. The Democratic secretary of state made up a story, but this one is not true. There are hundreds, even thousands, of witnesses to voter fraud. In fact, the only way to catch these criminals is to scrutinize ballots. Here’s how it works. You’ll be surprised by the evidence. Read on to learn about how to avoid being a victim of voter fraud.

Smartmatic is a company that manufactures voting software. This software is made with back doors and variable programs. It can be connected to the internet or run off a thumb drive. The software can flip votes in a single minute, if a voter doesn’t even realize they’re being spied on. A smartmatic operator can change millions of votes. This is a big concern, and it’s easy to see why.

While the evidence for voting fraud is scarce, the Trump campaign has made unsubstantiated accusations about the practice. It has claimed without evidence that Democrats were stealing an Arizona Senate seat, and that Democrats were using voter fraud in the Florida balloting. Meanwhile, it has claimed that undocumented asylum seekers were invading the country to vote for Democrats. Other claims are that Democratic voters were disguised and returning to vote. It’s a dangerous and unfounded idea that Trump’s legal team isn’t even investigating the claims of voter fraud.