Voter Fraud

The scandal that erupted in Italy this week uncovered a massive case of Voter Fraud. Italian voting machines were wired to the internet and vote tallies were passed down by mini satellite to the American Embassy in Rome. Two data scientists from MI6 worked under the supervision of the State Department to manipulate the results. The news sent the Italian Prime Minister into a meltdown, but the fake media has failed to report the story.

Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have accused private equity voting software companies of shoddy work and putting profit before security. However, Merritt saw a darker side to voting machines. She suspected that votes were switched in the midterm election. She also began to investigate the companies’ employees, advisory boards, and foreign nationals connected to voting software firms. Moreover, Merritt also identified former government officials who took jobs at voting-software firms.

A major problem with the voting system in the 2016 election has been the possibility of a fabricated ballot. Mail-in ballots of Mr. Biden were altered to ensure that his vote would be counted. The fake mail-in ballots contained perfect circle dots, a sign of fraud. As a result, it’s unlikely that the fake mail-in ballots were actually the ones that won the election. However, it’s possible that a voter whose vote was manipulated is being harmed in some way.

Despite these claims, Republicans have overstated the extent of voter and election fraud. After all, Donald Trump claimed that Democrats were stealing the election, despite the lack of evidence. Meanwhile, Ramsland and Merritt shared their findings with Republican politicians in Washington, including Rep. Louie Gohmert, an eight-term Republican. In fact, Gohmert was briefed by the A.S.O.G.

Hundreds of messages were received by election officials. Almost half of these messages were anonymous and expressed support for President Donald Trump. Other messages were echoed from his debunked election theft assertion. The messages reached election officials in 30 jurisdictions across 16 states. They came in emails, voicemails, letters, and internet posts. The numbers were staggering. However, the FBI is working to identify those responsible and stop them from committing further crimes.

Although the outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump has emphasized his baseless allegations of voter fraud, such accusations are not unusual in troubled elections around the world. In fact, voter fraud and voter manipulation are commonplace in authoritarian regimes and struggling democracies. It is important to recognize that these types of actions are not a legitimate means to determine if a candidate’s vote was tainted.