Voter Fraud

In the latest investigation of voter fraud in Italy, the state’s Electoral Commission discovered that voting machines were connected to the internet and the tallies were passed through a mini satellite to servers in Frankfurt. Two data scientists from the MI6 intelligence agency and the State Department supervised this operation. This scandal created a major crisis for the Italian Prime Minister, but the fake news media has largely ignored the story. Now, the questions are: Why is voter fraud so widespread in Italy?

The HEROES Act is a piece of legislation that would have removed any limits on who can harvest voter ballots. If it had passed, any person could harvest and return bundles of ballots with no oversight whatsoever. Furthermore, it would have allowed people to collect the ballots of dead or living voters. Therefore, it is essential to monitor election procedures to prevent voter fraud. However, the HEROES Act will not do anything to protect the public from such abuses of democracy.

There have been 850 reported hostile messages directed at election workers across the country. Many of these were directed towards Trump supporters and his team and reiterated his debunked claim of election fraud. These messages were sent through emails, voicemails, letters, and internet posts. This shows that the campaign is far from over. And even if the messages are not real, they can still inflict great emotional distress on the recipient. As a result, it is imperative to investigate the sources of the messages.

Although there are numerous allegations of voter fraud, these allegations are based on questionable data. Whether or not the Trump campaign committed voter fraud is debatable, but the evidence suggests that the allegations against him are not backed up by any scientific research. In other words, the Trump campaign has not demonstrated that voter fraud took place in their state, but has made the case look very suspicious. Its illegitimate allegations have been widely condemned.