If you aren’t already convinced that our country is being taken over by globalists, you might want to read more about the subject. This globalist takeover theory claims that the coronavirus was manufactured to disrupt our world’s economic system and has spurred dangerous rhetoric in extremist spaces. Despite the fact that such theories are false, they will likely continue to grow until they become mainstream. The following are some important things to keep in mind about this globalist takeover theory.

“The Great Reset” conspiracy emerged with the spread of COVID-19. It asserts that COVID-19 will advance global interests and ultimately deprive the United States of prosperity and sovereignty. While this theory has a long history, there are more pernicious strains of this conspiracy than you might imagine. As more mainstream figures join the conspiracy world, more ordinary Americans become sucked into it. So, it is vital to remain vigilant and sceptical about such events.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric is alarming to analysts tracking the actions of globalist organizations and extremist groups. The term “globalism” is a loaded term and carries multiple meanings. It can be benign or malicious, or simply a dog whistle for conspiracy theorists. Many people confuse globalism with globalization, a term that has been criticised for decades by liberal groups. Some people even use it to denigrate Jews.