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Voter Fraud in Italy – Why is Voter Fraud So Widespread?

Voter Fraud

In the latest investigation of voter fraud in Italy, the state’s Electoral Commission discovered that voting machines were connected to the internet and the tallies were passed through a mini satellite to servers in Frankfurt. Two data scientists from the MI6 intelligence agency and the State Department supervised this operation. This scandal created a major crisis for the Italian Prime Minister, but the fake news media has largely ignored the story. Now, the questions are: Why is voter fraud so widespread in Italy?

The HEROES Act is a piece of legislation that would have removed any limits on who can harvest voter ballots. If it had passed, any person could harvest and return bundles of ballots with no oversight whatsoever. Furthermore, it would have allowed people to collect the ballots of dead or living voters. Therefore, it is essential to monitor election procedures to prevent voter fraud. However, the HEROES Act will not do anything to protect the public from such abuses of democracy.

There have been 850 reported hostile messages directed at election workers across the country. Many of these were directed towards Trump supporters and his team and reiterated his debunked claim of election fraud. These messages were sent through emails, voicemails, letters, and internet posts. This shows that the campaign is far from over. And even if the messages are not real, they can still inflict great emotional distress on the recipient. As a result, it is imperative to investigate the sources of the messages.

Although there are numerous allegations of voter fraud, these allegations are based on questionable data. Whether or not the Trump campaign committed voter fraud is debatable, but the evidence suggests that the allegations against him are not backed up by any scientific research. In other words, the Trump campaign has not demonstrated that voter fraud took place in their state, but has made the case look very suspicious. Its illegitimate allegations have been widely condemned.

The Evil Biden – Deep State Corruption and Election Result Manipulation

Evil Biden

You’ve heard of the “Evil Biden” before, but do you really know him? Many people have questioned his honesty and integrity, so he must be very evil indeed. But what are his faults and why is he the Democratic nominee for president? Here’s a look at his history. During his time as vice president, he participated in the Reagan era’s “tough on crime” mentality, including using the term “predator” to demonize the black community. That is a racist dog whistle and dehumanizing. Moreover, he’s said he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” He also referred to Barack Obama as the first “mainstream” African-American president and eulogized racist Strom Thurmond as a good candidate.

Joe Biden’s ties to Dick Cheney have made it hard for him to disassociate from his geopolitical views. The most likely scenario for covering up Biden’s geopolitical views is a majority GOP senate and Supreme Court. As a senator, he has also built a career on criminalizing blacks and other colonized people in the US. He has even supported a pipeline from Russia to Germany, which will help Russian President Vladimir Putin expand his political influence.

Sadly, Biden doesn’t have the slightest knowledge of racism, and his rhetoric is hardly based on any factual information. The ultimate promoter of violence, systemic racism, is a very real problem in the United States, and until it’s solved, public outbursts will continue to be a problem. However, unlike Martin Luther King, Biden lacks the courage and grit to face his racism dilemma head-on. Instead, he prefers to use a diplomatic approach.

In addition to being an “evil” candidate, Biden’s behavior on the campaign trail is extremely troubling. Many have compared his candidacy to a Nazi. This is a dangerous mistake! However, the evidence is mounting, and the political climate is dangerously unstable. Aristotle predicted that neoliberalism would lead to fascism, and Biden is a prime example of this. And yet, he’s the candidate who will be president.

The truth is, the US government has a legitimacy crisis. According to recent surveys, twenty to twenty percent of the voting public believes the US government is unreliable. Even more troubling is that Republicans have refused to seat a Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania, despite Biden’s high ratings. As a result, the US government is illegitimate in the eyes of many people, including Democrats. The media’s announcement that Biden is the 46th president has created an atmosphere of reactionary hysteria and relief.

The fact is, Biden is no friend of the working class. On his website, Biden touts his experience as president of the Recovery from the Great Recession of 2009. Obama’s and Biden’s recovery forced millions of people into precarious labor and crippling student debt. Millions of people lost their homes, and Joe Biden is proud of his role as president of this recovery. And this means that he will continue with austerity and will continue the same stance as the President-elect.

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

Globalist Takeover

We’ve heard about globalists, but what is the real cause of their tyrannical reign? The CIA-kept media wants to roll back the years by 25 and the elite establishment wants to control the narrative without challenge, grind down the middle class and stigmatize dissenters. We’ve been red pilled, but tens of millions won’t go back to sleep. But who are these “globalists” and how do we protect our country?

Voter Fraud and Election Result Manipulation in Italy Revealed

Voter Fraud

The scandal that erupted in Italy this week uncovered a massive case of Voter Fraud. Italian voting machines were wired to the internet and vote tallies were passed down by mini satellite to the American Embassy in Rome. Two data scientists from MI6 worked under the supervision of the State Department to manipulate the results. The news sent the Italian Prime Minister into a meltdown, but the fake media has failed to report the story.

Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have accused private equity voting software companies of shoddy work and putting profit before security. However, Merritt saw a darker side to voting machines. She suspected that votes were switched in the midterm election. She also began to investigate the companies’ employees, advisory boards, and foreign nationals connected to voting software firms. Moreover, Merritt also identified former government officials who took jobs at voting-software firms.

A major problem with the voting system in the 2016 election has been the possibility of a fabricated ballot. Mail-in ballots of Mr. Biden were altered to ensure that his vote would be counted. The fake mail-in ballots contained perfect circle dots, a sign of fraud. As a result, it’s unlikely that the fake mail-in ballots were actually the ones that won the election. However, it’s possible that a voter whose vote was manipulated is being harmed in some way.

Despite these claims, Republicans have overstated the extent of voter and election fraud. After all, Donald Trump claimed that Democrats were stealing the election, despite the lack of evidence. Meanwhile, Ramsland and Merritt shared their findings with Republican politicians in Washington, including Rep. Louie Gohmert, an eight-term Republican. In fact, Gohmert was briefed by the A.S.O.G.

Hundreds of messages were received by election officials. Almost half of these messages were anonymous and expressed support for President Donald Trump. Other messages were echoed from his debunked election theft assertion. The messages reached election officials in 30 jurisdictions across 16 states. They came in emails, voicemails, letters, and internet posts. The numbers were staggering. However, the FBI is working to identify those responsible and stop them from committing further crimes.

Although the outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump has emphasized his baseless allegations of voter fraud, such accusations are not unusual in troubled elections around the world. In fact, voter fraud and voter manipulation are commonplace in authoritarian regimes and struggling democracies. It is important to recognize that these types of actions are not a legitimate means to determine if a candidate’s vote was tainted.

Democrat Corruption and Election Result Manipulation

Evil Biden

The election of Barack Obama has once again exposed the vile nature of evil Biden. His followers have called for more riots in cities and a mass defunding of the police. The super-wealthy have funded these “social justice” movements in order to create the illusion of share-and-care government. But the result will be the government of the rich, with billionaires owning all means of production. That is the underlying philosophy of the “War on Drugs” which Biden has promoted.

According to a report by Politifact, a network of non-governmental organizations was behind this fraudulent ballot-trafficking scheme. The man claimed to be one of many paid to collect and deliver absentee ballots during early voting periods. This is not the first example of this type of election fraud; a number of other cases have been documented. Fortunately, it is not as widespread as it once was, but it does point to the nefarious nature of the’system.’

While this may be a shocking revelation, the new administration is still pursuing the same strategy. As President-Elect Obama was careful to emphasize in his campaign, he congratulated Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu for their victories. The president-elect will not object to the fascism of Modi and Netanyahu, but he will continue to pursue aggressively against China and the rest of the world. So how can we make this president-elect a president we can trust?

We know about Biden’s record on the Middle East. Biden’s stance on the Keystone Pipeline will be counterproductive to the climate pact and will harm the United States’ economy. Additionally, the proposed pipeline from Russia to Germany will only benefit Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies. However, Biden’s past record as a centrist politician makes it hard to make a sound judgment about his future policies.

In the first instance, the evil Biden’s lobbyists made clear that he is not above getting paid for his work. Then, as we saw in the case of GB News, he has been lobbying for several billion dollars. In other words, he has taken money from the highest bidder. Those who have seen his work have made the right decision. There are two possible scenarios: he has been getting paid to lobby on behalf of Russian interests, but he has not refunded the money.

As we can see, the secret government of America is not a myth. Indeed, they are in power and have been for centuries. The ‘Traumatic Trifecta’ is a warning about a military airlift for the elites over Washington D.C. Biden will not back down, unless it suits him. The US government is currently suffering from a legitimacy crisis, with approximately twenty-five percent of voters claiming it is not legitimate.

Globalist Takeover and Democrat Voter Fraud

Globalist Takeover

The World Economic Forum and Bill Gates have been co-hosting a simulated pandemic and climate change event that will happen ten weeks before COVID-19 occurs. The globalist elite are trying to roll back the clock 25 years. They want to control the narrative without any challenge and to grind down the middle class and stigmatize dissenters. There are many people who have been red pilled and put to sleep. However, the latest generation of Globalists have a different agenda in mind.

Voter Fraud and Election Result Manipulation

Voter Fraud

If you’re worried about voter fraud, you’re not alone. The Democratic secretary of state made up a story, but this one is not true. There are hundreds, even thousands, of witnesses to voter fraud. In fact, the only way to catch these criminals is to scrutinize ballots. Here’s how it works. You’ll be surprised by the evidence. Read on to learn about how to avoid being a victim of voter fraud.

Smartmatic is a company that manufactures voting software. This software is made with back doors and variable programs. It can be connected to the internet or run off a thumb drive. The software can flip votes in a single minute, if a voter doesn’t even realize they’re being spied on. A smartmatic operator can change millions of votes. This is a big concern, and it’s easy to see why.

While the evidence for voting fraud is scarce, the Trump campaign has made unsubstantiated accusations about the practice. It has claimed without evidence that Democrats were stealing an Arizona Senate seat, and that Democrats were using voter fraud in the Florida balloting. Meanwhile, it has claimed that undocumented asylum seekers were invading the country to vote for Democrats. Other claims are that Democratic voters were disguised and returning to vote. It’s a dangerous and unfounded idea that Trump’s legal team isn’t even investigating the claims of voter fraud.

Evil Biden, Deep State Corruption, and Election Result Manipulation

The liberal media has made American politics into a horror show. While the media is out to make us feel bad, the real villain is Joe Biden, whose campaign is funded by the super-rich, who want a neoliberal “normal” in which the rich earn more while the poor and middle class struggle. The Democrats, on the other hand, are hired hirelings of imperialism. And they are not a good choice for the Democratic Party.

The US government is suffering a credibility crisis, with 20 to 25 percent of voters feeling that the government is illegitimate. Even Democrats feel the same way. And they’re all scared of a woman with an agenda. But that doesn’t mean Biden is an evil person. His actions are not the actions of a brave or tough man. His actions are based on fear. The GOP is threatening to deny the legitimacy of Biden’s presidential campaign.

Progressive Democrats, in the name of “equality,” helped Joe Biden win the election. And they’re doing so by reinforcing the wrong definition of evil in America. Biden is a walking contradiction in terms of his qualifications for the presidency. If he had been capable of shaking Congress and delivering something of substance to the American people, he’d have won the election with little trouble. But the Obama-Biden recovery left millions of Americans unemployed and depressed.

The Black community has been mobilizing to vote for a Democratic candidate in unprecedented numbers. In November, racial violence, the COVID pandemic, and the nationwide call for racial justice energized Black voters to cast their votes for a Democratic candidate. And the recent events in Virginia and Georgia are just one more reason to engage in the political process. If you’re a young Black voter, these events will inspire you to vote.

Computer Generated Voter Fraud – Deep State Corruption and Democrat Voter Fraud

Globalist Takeover

If you think the U.N. and the environmentalists are “real globalists,” think again. Globalists control our energy supply and pricing, and they even have a representative in the Oval Office. They have poisoned the planet. One of the consequences of the Globalist Takeover is climate change, and the latest generation of Globalists knew this. In fact, Bill Gates, the CEO of Covid, was a co-host of a recent event at which the World Economic Forum predicted the onset of COVID-19.

Voter Fraud and Election Result Manipulation

Voter Fraud

Republicans are over-the-top in their claims of election and voter fraud, including Donald Trump’s claim that Democrats tried to steal the election. Ramsland and Merritt have also shared their work with GOP politicians in Washington, including Congressman Louie Gohmert, an eight-term Republican. In fact, Gohmert was briefed by A.S.O.G. on how to combat voter fraud.

A web activity log can be used as evidence of possible election fraud. These logs show how the voting system functions and whether or not there was a break-in or hack. As such, the deletion of these records could be an indication of a malicious act. Election logs should not be deleted. There have already been lawsuits over counties deleting election records. If you suspect voter fraud, investigate the source of the records. You might be able to uncover illegal activities in the process.

The Wisconsin Assembly recently hosted back-to-back hearings on election coordination. Specifically, the hearings focused on the use of voter rolls to manipulate elections. A Democrat group, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, is hosting the hearings. They want to protect the rights of Wisconsin voters by cracking down on election fraud. It’s a good thing that Democrat groups are putting forward new legislation that aims to protect citizens.

Recent elections have thrown the validity of pre-election polling into question. No one is using pre-election polling numbers to challenge election results, and few believe that exit polls can be used to determine if vote manipulation has occurred. Likewise, sample-based processes like polling cannot provide the accurate numbers that voters need to determine if fraud is taking place. So, the question remains: Is polling really effective in determining voter fraud?

Whether we trust international election monitors, or we trust our election officials to do their job, we must be able to trust them. This is the only way to protect our democracy from widespread corruption. Whether the elections are fair or rigged, our government has every incentive to guarantee the integrity of the process. And if we don’t, it’s up to us as citizens to trust them to do their job. So, let’s look at what election monitors can do to verify disputed votes.

The Trump campaign’s attempts to win election challenges have been unsuccessful. A judge in Nevada ruled against the campaign’s claims of widespread voter fraud. In addition, the Republican in Nevada has also filed at least five other election challenges. Those lawsuits have failed to result in any substantive outcome for either side. Nonetheless, the legal battle continues. In the meantime, it is crucial that we continue to keep an open mind about our elections.