You may have heard about the Globalist Takeover, but do you know how it works? You can be one of the many victims of this takeover by keeping yourself informed. This article will help you understand how the Globalists are taking over the world. To do so, you need to read Planet Lock Down, a gripping documentary series that exposes the true plans of the globalists. The real agenda of the globalists is to control all areas of life and transform the world into a slave technocracy with a few rich and powerful people at the top.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a group that promotes “the Great Reset,” or a global reset. The Forum seeks to affect global relations, national economies, and society’s priorities. It also aims to manage the global commons. In its most recent conference, the World Economic Forum hosted 3,000 attendees from 117 nations, including 53 heads of state. The organizers of the World Economic Forum do not try to hide their desire to control the world and its citizens.

The Social Group Difference Between the Nationalists and Globalists

The president-elect’s use of the term “globalist” has sparked alarm among analysts who follow extremist groups. The term can mean various things: it can be benign or sinister, or just a dog whistle for conspiracy theorists. The term globalism is also a synonym for “globalization”–a term that has been widely condemned by liberal groups. The word “globalist” conjures images of an evil cabal in distant lands.

Some of the most prominent globalists are Jews. The Jews have historically been the targets of communism’s opponents. Consequently, members of the far right became obsessed with prominent Jews, such as George Soros. This made people believe that a globalist conspiracy was at work. If the New World Order was really global, it would have been impossible to ignore. Therefore, the only way to deal with it is through international cooperation.

The Great Reset and Green New Deal are just the beginning of the globalist takeover. These plans are the first steps toward a global communist society. The globalists will be able to control everything in the world through energy policy, health and technology. The New World Order will eventually eliminate individual countries and governments. They have a plan to use biosensors to turn everyone into a cryptocurrency miner. This plan is nothing less than a magician’s misdirection.

Trump’s choice of petro-autocrats to run the United States is the latest example of globalism. While the United States president, Donald Trump, hails from fossil fuel-fuel-fueled New York City, is the chief architect of the New World Order of climate change. He has a close relationship with Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. These globalists have embedded themselves into the White House, the Trump administration and Washington. And, if these are not a good thing for the United States, then the time has come to stop this.