Globalist Takeover

A globalist takeover is a political movement that calls for the government to control all aspects of our lives. Globalists are a diverse group of people who are dissatisfied with capitalism and individualism. Their agenda is to eliminate freedoms, establish global governments, and replace national constitutional standards with international ones. The result is a two-tier society. As we look toward the future, a globalist takeover is inevitable.

Fortunately, the “globalists” are not the only ones taking advantage of Cold War opportunities. They have been building an iceberg-like mass of information while Americanists have been asleep. They have advanced in substantive fields such as artificial intelligence, global governance, and artificial intelligence, while we have been sleeping. They are building a world-wide “economy of the people” that will dominate the planet for generations to come.

The second Globalist approach is targeting the United States, where they are seeking to bend the American system to international standards, reducing American exceptionalism and national autonomy. However, the United States stands as one of the major skeptics of the Globalist approach. Submission to such pressure would create a disastrous precedent for other nations. So, the United States should resist the Globalist takeover of its society, because its continued submission to global pressure would harm the interests of many other nations.

As globalization advances, nation-state boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. This tends to deepen the conflict between globalists and nationalists within a nation-state. Globalists are obsessed with the disappearance of national-state borders, while conservative nationalists are committed to protecting cultural and economic traditions. Therefore, a globalist takeover of a nation-state will only increase tension between nationalists and globalists.

Although these generalizations may help some people understand the scope of Globalist activities, there is a far larger spectrum of Globalist activities. The battle between Americanists and Globalists has already begun. There is a globalist vs. Americanist struggle that is already waging war on each other. This will be an ongoing battle and will probably not be over until the globalists finally get a majority of the vote in the United States.

While nationalists hold political power in some countries, they are backed by voters who elected them. Similarly, some countries have resource advantages over others and have not implemented proper public health policies, which is why their pandemic mortality and infection rates are so high. The globalists with political power will enact effective and scientific pandemic responses. The mutualism strategy has been supported by medical practitioners. And in some cases, a globalist will even take control of the disease outbreak in a country.