The globalist takeover is the ultimate goal of the United Nations, according to Bill Gates. He co-hosted an event with the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to simulate a pandemic. It predicted the onset of COVID-19 ten weeks later. Both Gates and the World Economic Forum are partners with the United Nations, which is the heart of the globalist takeover agenda.

Globalist Takeover

The New World Order is tyrannizing the United States, and Donald Trump is encouraging its implementation. To defeat this malign global force and powerful elite, only international cooperation is needed. That is why the debate between globalists and Americanists continues to escalate. But, in the meantime, what is happening in the United States? Let’s review some of the details. There’s no doubt that the Globalists have the upper hand in the battle for the soul of our nation, and the US is already losing the battle against them.

While the U.N., environmentalists, and George Soros are not “real” globalists, the Globalists control our energy pricing and supply and have a representative in the Oval Office. But the true globalists are those who control energy production and prices, and have poisoned the world. Climate change is one of the consequences of the Globalist takeover, and it’s not even their fault. The latest generation of Globalists knew the effects of climate change, and they were able to keep their power despite the opposition.

The Second Approach To The Globalist Takeover is the enslavement of the US. This approach aims to bend the American system to meet international standards, while limiting American exceptionalism and national autonomy. But this approach is criticized by many Europeans, because the United States has historically been the largest skeptic of the Globalists. The Globalists are encroaching upon our sovereignty and we should not be surprised if this is the end result.

The term “globalist” has multiple meanings. It can be benign or sinister, and is often used as a dog whistle by conspiracy theorists. In the US, the term is used as a synonym for globalization. However, that definition is not entirely accurate. Its definition is far more complicated. In fact, it is not an objective concept at all. Instead, it is an ideology that is based on xenophobia.

This agenda is unpopular with the majority of Americans. The Globalist takeover is a major issue for many people, and is an example of how the world system works. In the United States, the government is in charge of ensuring that our democracy is free. This is a dangerous path to enslave us. We must defend our freedoms. It is not acceptable to allow the globalists to steal our wealth.