Globalist Takeover

Computer Generated Voter Fraud – Globalist Takeover

The “Coronavirus” is being held up as a pretext for the Globalist Takeover. Billionaire George Soros is supposedly the mastermind of this virus, as is Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The NSA is being touted as the source of COVID-19. The NSA and Gates are partners in the New World Order, which is at the heart of the Globalist Takeover agenda.

Soros is the leader of the new world order, which is based on an agenda to control the world. He earned his billions as a hedge fund owner during the currency crisis in the early 90s. Although Soros has been accused of collaborating with the Nazis, his record of leading the globalist takeover should give anyone pause. And if he is indeed the mastermind of the Globalists, it’s no wonder he has a representative in the Oval Office.

The New World Order is an idea posited by anti-Semitic and other extremist groups. It is believed that the new World Order may have been a factor in the recent California recall election. However, the “globalist” wing of the Trump administration is not real. It’s an invention of the elites and fake news. It’s a misdirection strategy that has been used to control the world’s populace for years. It’s a scheme that has been a part of our history for quite some time.

This globalist conspiracy theory is based on many conspiracy theories, but the main idea is that the “Globalists” have overrun the United States with fake news and propaganda. The US government is not a democracy, and the US government is a totalitarian regime of the wealthy. Despite claims to the contrary, these globalists are actively working to take over the USA. The US government is not a political party, and we have to face this reality.

The Trump administration has made alliances with petro-autocrats. While many Americans believe that the US is a global powerhouse, they are actually working against our interests. The Trump administration is a pawn of petro-autocrats, and the Saudi Crown Prince is no different. These are all part of the New World Order, and they want to take over our lives. In fact, they want to destroy our country to gain power and control of energy.

Neo-Malthusians believe the New World Order is already in place. They claim the government is creating laws that will control the movement of people and control our economy. They are trying to control the population of the United States and they’re doing it through the media. We must not allow the globalists to take over the United States. Otherwise, we will be a slave nation. You can’t be a free man and a globalist at the same time.