Evil Biden

If you are a citizen of the United States, then you are probably very aware that you have to be on guard against the evil biden. He is the vice president of the Democratic Party and a joint partner with the Republican Party. This is because Wall Street has donated heavily to the Democratic Party and knows that a Biden administration will support corporate rights. The CEO of Boeing has said that his business prospects would be better no matter who won the election. Prison stocks went up after Biden announced the selection of Kamala Harris as his vice president. Reuters reported that capitalists have donated to Biden’s campaign.

There is no question that Joe Biden is a war hawk. He has a big tent of Republicans that is as large as Hillary Clinton’s was in 2016. In the final weeks of the election, over a hundred former GOP war hawks endorsed Biden. He has also endorsed the criminalization of Africans and other colonized people in the United States. His “War on Drugs” has included a crime bill and Plan Colombia.

But his statement did not address the real issue, which is the US’s struggle with white supremacy. Biden stuffed a few words about protest-related violence into his campaign phrases and it was not intended to shed light on the US’ struggle with white supremacy. He was simply trying to counter Trump’s approach to austerity. The media praised Biden for his statement. And Democratic insiders cheered because he didn’t want to be pigeonholed as the “evil” candidate.

Despite the media hype surrounding Biden and Harris, the fact remains that a biden-Harris administration is good for war profiteers and corporations, and terrible for the people. This is why people should oppose the Biden-Harris administration and vote for Hillary Clinton instead. They are both bad news for the people. There is nothing good about it. There is no hope for the African people in the United States to be represented in this administration.

The evidence of the corruption of President Biden is largely irrelevant, and the underlying motives of these individuals are much more troubling. The FBI contacted John Paul Mac Issac, who had a computer in his home. John Paul Mac Issac contacted him on numerous occasions but received no response. And he lied to the media about Hunter’s business dealings. In addition to being a corrupt politician, Joe Biden is also a sexual abuser and a drug addict.

The emergence of two socialist candidates in the presidential race, Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders, both socialists, have been the reason for the recent Democratic victory. In both races, a strong support for a social democrat candidate has emerged among young Black people. However, this doesn’t mean that the two candidates are equal. Rather, they reflect the political relevance of Black college students in the United States. There are two main categories of young Black voters.