Evil Biden

If Joe Biden is elected President, he’ll be the first President to ignore the Hippocratic oath. It’s hard to understand how he could possibly have such a positive impact on our society. Then, again, how would he know what a “predator” is, if he’s never actually been one? That’s because he’s participated in the Reagan-era “tough on crime” mentality. In this mindset, he used the term “predator” to demonize the black community, a racist dog whistle. In addition, Biden once said that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” And in 2008, he eulogized the racist Strom Thurmond.

Yet, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has launched social media campaigns, urging voters to support Biden as the lesser evil. But even these Democrats acknowledge that a second term of Trump would be bad for the country, yet they still paint Biden as the lesser of two evils. This strategy reinforces a dangerous distorted view of evil and encourages the voting population to support the president they believe to be the less evil. This election will prove once and for all that the Democratic Party cannot defeat its duopoly counterpart.

In the end, Biden would be a dangerous vice president. His liberal progressive views would entail banning assault rifles, magazines, and high capacity magazines. However, this would be far more difficult to accomplish than disarming handguns. Consequently, Biden is an evil politician and not a patriot. If he’s elected President, he’ll be the worst president since George Washington. So, how do we stop him?

We can start by remembering that the United States is in the deepest capitalist crisis since the 1990s, and that the capitalists who run the country are no longer unified and polarized. This is why there is a dire need for a radical socialist politician who will fight the ruling class, as opposed to bipartisanship. In the long run, we can elect a president of our choosing, but it’s best not to wait for it.

Many Democrats questioned the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s election in 2016 because his approval rating was so low. The results of that election were challenged in court by Republicans, and a few conservatives have embraced their claims. The election was fraud, and a survey conducted in December 2020 found nearly seventy-five percent of Republican voters believed that there were manipulated voting machines and ballots. If enough people cried out, God will rescue them.

We must fight against the evil that accompanies capitalism and fascism. We must make Biden the primary target of our fight to build a new world. Only then can we hope to defeat the evil that is lurking within it. The world is in desperate need of a new President. He must be our primary target, and he must take the fight to the right place. There are too many Christians who don’t believe in the new world to be a neoliberal socialist.