Some progressive Democrats have launched a social media campaign to convince voters to vote for Biden, presenting him as the lesser of two evils. While admitting that another term under Trump would be disastrous for the country, they present Biden as the lesser evil. This false comparison only reinforces an outdated, distorted standard of evil in America. So, why do Democrats continue to promote Biden as the lesser evil? This article aims to shed some light on the question of whether Biden is really Evil.

The rise of Russia and the Taliban are largely due to the bad foreign policy decisions of the United States. In 2002, President George W. Bush began setting up the Iraq War. But the Russian government has been waging a war on Ukraine, and US troops will not be deployed. That’s because Putin is an authoritarian dictator, and he has a history of undermining NATO. The US government’s legitimacy crisis makes Biden’s actions look more dangerous and unethical than ever.

While it may sound like a no-brainer to end the filibuster, it would be bad policy for the United States. While it was supposed to encourage negotiation, eliminating it would hurt our nation’s image of independence. The filibuster requires sixty votes to end debate, but it has been abused in recent years. In the past, it has served no purpose and has distorted our democracy. Nonetheless, Biden was once a staunch supporter of the filibuster, but changed his mind due to Republican intransigence. And as a result, he was forced to face a restive progressive base.

While the Electoral College does prefer a two-party system, it does not require us to vote for the ‘evil’ candidate. By the same token, the election results show that morality and ethics are not mutually exclusive, and we should not choose our leaders according to political purity tests. While voting for an “evil” candidate is morally wrong, the result usually benefits the “greater of two evils.”

President Trump declared Tuesday night that “Freedom always wins over tyranny.” Whether or not President Trump has made the right decision, the fact remains that freedom will always triumph over tyranny. The Shadow Government plans to demolish our freedom of speech and disarm the United States. As more people cry out, the world will get worse and Christians will get caught in the crossfire. The laptop evidence is the proof that Hunter Biden is a drug addict and a sex abuser.

If one were to look at the achievements of the Obama administration, one must acknowledge that Obama doubled down on his green energy agenda. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much to help the poor American people who struggle to heat their homes or fill their cars. The eradication of poverty and inequality has also made the Obama administration’s energy-saving agenda unpopular. So, the next election will determine whether Obama or Biden is the “Evil” candidate.