Evil Biden

While most voters are unwilling to admit that the Biden regime made America worse, one such voter has publicly apologized for voting for Biden. He cites the taxing of cryptocurrency, a method that many Americans use to gain an economic footing. Ultimately, this black man wants President Trump to win the election and apologises for his vote for Biden. The article concludes that Biden’s fraud will only damage our country in the long run.

The global capitalist crisis today is more profound than in the 1990s, and neoliberalism has polarized people even more. Biden’s suffocating globalist forces within the Democratic Party and outside could be masked by the fact that the GOP senate and Supreme Court are overwhelmingly conservative. He will further erode the progressive movement and create a “moderate” revolution for ruling class forces. In the end, the Biden administration will only increase these obstacles, which will keep the working class and other oppressed groups in the dark.

The Democratic Party insiders cheered for this statement because they didn’t want to risk being pigeonholed by President Trump. They hoped that Biden would enforce orderly protests and put a stop to illegal acts of violence. However, they were not given a thorough ethical analysis. As long as Biden’s “social justice” statements were positive, they were a win for Democrats. Moreover, they believed that Biden’s position would not tarnish the image of the Democratic Party.

Despite the recent events, the American Revolution has been a mythical period. The protests that preceded the Revolution reveal the character of dissenters and how they developed from reformist demands to full-blown revolution. The American Revolution ultimately led to independence from the British and colonization of the continent. It is no wonder that Black voters voted for Democrats in record numbers in November. It should also give young Black voters a renewed sense of agency.

The election of 2020 is a referendum on capitalism and neoliberalism. In addition to being undemocratic, neoliberalism breeds fascism, and Biden will not help change that. Indeed, this election will be a disaster for the black community. Many Africans living in the US have strapped themselves into Biden’s presidency and hope that he will be the hawkish counterpart of President Barack Obama’s administration.

Despite all his positive points, Biden does not represent a friend of the working class. His website touts his role in leading the recovery from the global financial meltdown in 2009. This same recovery led to precarious labor, crippling student debt, and the loss of millions of homes. Biden is proud of this record. If Biden is elected, he will continue this austerity, and many people will be unable to make ends meet.

Another example of Biden’s cronyism is his support for Nord Stream 2, the pipeline between Russia and Germany. This pipeline bypasses Poland and Ukraine and delivers fuel directly to Germany. The Trump administration didn’t want Putin to control our energy supplies and, therefore, Joe Biden sold himself out to the highest bidder. This is the ultimate example of how evil Biden really is. The only person who can explain this is Joe Biden himself.