Evil Biden

The left-wing media is doing everything it can to convince hesitant Democrats to vote for Joe Biden, but that’s a losing proposition. Unlike the right-wing media, the left-wing media is biased. It is also worth noting that the Democratic Party has been actively using the filibuster to promote Biden as the lesser evil. The bottom line is that if Biden becomes president, the country will be heading for a major political disaster.

Moreover, we have already seen the political hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. In fact, the people who voted for Biden used their political power to fight against Donald Trump with the same hypocrisy. As the candidate of the Democratic Party, the goal of his campaign was to make poor white Americans think of him as “evil” and “downtrodden.” Hillary Clinton, too, has used similar terms to describe Biden.

Joe Biden has long been labeled “evil” because of his inability to reach a compromise with President Obama. Progressive Democrats publicly denounce Biden’s hopelessness, but privately concede everything to Obama. They express dismay that Biden has failed to reach any agreement with Obama and, consequently, vote for Trump anyway to protect their interests. The Democratic Party is not a progressive party, and Joe’s antics are a symptom of the larger problem.

As a result of this widespread voter fraud, it’s crucial to investigate the situation. In the state of Michigan, the Democratic party won by three thousand votes in the midterm election, but the results didn’t reflect that. The Republican Party lost by more than a thousand votes, and Democrats are looking for the next best thing. While the GOP has been dominated by the GOP, Democrats are still largely divided by the left. The left must take advantage of this situation to win.

The Sanders campaign wants Biden to go left. He is a scapegoat for their socialist strategy, and they have no alternative to that. Meanwhile, Biden has been working with President Obama to turn the United States into a socialist nightmare. Despite his efforts to avoid controversy, he has a great deal of trouble with his voters and should be put in jail, too. As the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, he should focus on domestic issues and foreign affairs.

While President Trump and Biden may seem like the opposites of each other, the two are polar opposites. The Democrats have a much better chance of winning the election, while the Republicans have a much worse chance of preserving their power. Nevertheless, the Republicans want to keep the Democrats from achieving their goals. While the Democrats are right, they are not wrong in their politics. The Left should be wary of any candidate who says they are indifferent to foreign policies.