Evil Biden

In recent years, the liberal media has skewed American politics into a ratings-grabbing horror show that features an evil Russian mastermind and narcissistic businessman. But the real villain is Joe Biden. The real villain is his campaign, funded by corporate donors who want to preserve the neoliberal “normal” that allows the rich to earn more and ensures the wealth gap widens. Meanwhile, the Democrats are little more than hirelings of imperialism.

The Democratic Party’s reluctance to back a socialist candidate has contributed to Biden’s negative press coverage. In addition to his past record of deception and intransigence, the Democratic Party has a history of supporting the right-wing, which is concerned that Trump’s actions will discredit US imperialism. However, the media has ignored this recurring pattern and has instead focused on the broader issue of racism.

This is where progressive Democrats stepped in to help Biden. Although Biden was unfit to run for president, his social media campaign portrayed him as the lesser of two evils. By presenting him as the lesser of two evils, they are reinforcing the wrong definition of evil in America. As a result, Biden looks like he belongs in a retirement home. A second term under Trump would be far worse for the country, and the Democrats are helping to make it worse for Americans.

As the Democratic Party assumed, Biden’s victory meant a “victory for humanity” when in reality, Biden did absolutely nothing to shake Congress and gave nothing to the American people. By the standard of the day, the Democrats should have won the election without a struggle. Nonetheless, there are plenty of reasons why they were not successful. In addition to his lack of experience as a president, the Obama-Biden recovery was austere and put millions of people into precarious employment.

Another reason why Joe Biden is the worst president since the Kennedy administration was elected is his staunch support for corporate rights. A biden administration would do everything in his power to protect corporations. Even if President Obama wins, the Democrats will still have a joint government with the GOP. Wall Street donated heavily to Joe Biden because they know he’ll support their interests. In fact, Boeing’s CEO declared that his business prospects would remain intact regardless of the election results. Reuters even reported that a black maid had been raped by a white senator.

While Joe Biden’s intentions are good, the political machine that he belongs to is linked to the Mafia. The Clintons and their political machine are notorious for killing people and destroying their lives. Despite the fact that there have been more than 50 murders in the Clinton administration, the Obama administration has managed to kill only one dissident – anti-Iraq war U.S. senator Paul Wellstone.

The American Revolution, as Biden likes to call it, is also mythic. The American Revolution actually began two decades before that. The protests, which he compares to today’s modern protests, reveal the character of the dissenters, reveal divisions among the leaders of the time, and show how they moved from reformist demands to revolution. These events led to the eventual independence from Britain and the colonization of the continent.