Evil Biden

Progressive Democrats have been launching social media campaigns in recent weeks to persuade voters to vote for Evil Biden over Trump. While they acknowledge that another term of Trump would be worse for America, they paint Biden as the lesser of two evils. However, the standard of evil in America has changed radically over the last four years, and comparing Biden to Trump’s image is dangerous because it reinforces a distorted view of evil.

In the election, many Democrats were depressed and despondent. President Obama’s approval ratings hovered at around 40%. Joe Biden stepped into the void with a strong domestic agenda, ripped Russia for the Ukraine invasion, and defended himself against political analysts’ questions. However, the campaign was a failure. As a result, the Democratic Party is largely blamed for the sham election. Unfortunately, despite his failure to win the presidency, the candidate has a poor approval rating.

As we’ve said before, Democrats are actively considering new laws to combat domestic terrorism. These new laws will likely expand current definitions of sedition and incitement, and will use the Trump impeachment as their philosophical touchstone. They may even define white supremacy as an illegal thought, and would prohibit people with such beliefs from serving in the military or law enforcement. That’s certainly worse than the Democrats’ latest tweets, but it’s hard to see what exactly the Democrats are trying to accomplish.

While Trump’s tweets alleged that the father and son had used influence to get their son a job in Ukraine, these claims were denied. The Biden elder denied these claims, and his campaign continued to deny Trump’s accusations. Further, Trump’s comments were a clear message that Biden’s influence is no longer a legitimate threat. So why does Biden continue to defend himself and the Clintons? If you think it’s an issue, then don’t vote for him.

In the case of Joe Biden, this would be an extremely dangerous position to be in. Despite his liberal progressive stance, Biden’s proposal would ban assault rifles, magazines, and high capacity magazines. It would be much more difficult for the president to disarm these weapons than to prohibit handguns. Biden, as vice president, is clearly an example of an evil politician, not a patriot. So, we should be very careful when voting for him!

However, there is a downside to defending the presidency of the United States with such a low approval rating. The polling firm Quinnipiac University released a nationwide poll on November 11-15, and Biden’s approval rating was just 49%, with 51% disapproval. In fact, his approval rating is essentially identical to the approval rating of his Democratic counterpart. It seems that the public is still not sure about the future of America and the role of bipartisanship in politics.

As far as education policy goes, the proposed rule for his Department of Education clearly demonstrates Biden’s intention to impose the most radical forms of Critical Race Theory into American schools. This includes the 1619 Project and the so-called anti-racism of Ibram X. Kendi. But that’s only one small example. If you’re wondering what Biden’s plan means for education policy, then keep reading.